Steemit Resteem Suggestion - Why Are You Resteeming?

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There've been a lot of articles about some of the benefits and challenges of the new resteem feature. Perhaps it would help if we could tell why someone resteemed.

At first it was a tidal wave of resteemed posts drowning out our feeds. But folks learned to restrain themselves and use the feature more responsibly. That first day was... WOW!

I still see some posts coming across my feed that I really am clueless about, even after seeing the title. And we all know that titles don't necessarily represent content well. But my first commitment to read is to those on my follow list. So if those I follow are adding to the feed, I'd like to know why.

How about adding the ability to make a short statement as to why this post has been resteemed? This way we know why someone we followed thought this particular article was so important. A field could open up when the resteem option is clicked, providing the ability to comment. Then a short excerpt of this comment could accompany the resteemed article in our feeds. This would help us make a more informed decision as to whether we want to read the unsolicited article. :)

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Good point. I have only resteemed 5 posts. Four I commented on to let my viewers know why. 3 total were contest related (2 of which I commented on to inform my followers why) and the other two were accidental resteems when trying to upvote from my mobile, so I commented on those mentioning the accidental advertising.

Your comment was in this reply section though, right? There's no option to comment in a way that would show up in a feed.

Right, I added them in the replies... I see what you mean though.

I will resteem more once it does not clutter my blog.

I kind of want to keep my blog full of my posts... you know?

Yeah, I think I've resteemed maybe three times so far.

I accidentally resteemed and was annoyed that i couldn't reverse that. Having to comment would have prevented that. The only thing i really want to resteem is something i want to refer back to before it gets lost!

Oh, I hadn't thought of that. Good point.
I've bookmarked some articles.

It would be very convenient to have a reverse option for outgoing as well as a delete option for incoming. Regarding a preface comment, some already make a note in the comments section as to why they resteemed. Elsewhere someone mentioned resteeming what they called "weekly gem". An idea that is too meager for some and plenty for others. One of the ideas out there is to have a separate tag for resteems. It makes sense as the personalized feed no longer is a personally chosen feed. Speaking of articles getting there a way to bookmark? For now, the solution is to comment so that the article appears in the comment column.

Re-anything drives me crazy... why not just add the URL to something posted, or here just comment on it. Send people to the original author. That would bring it to your comments and you would have the link in escrow for future use.

Just a personal take.

Very good idea; the followers of my feed should know about my momentum why I resteemed this or that!

Goo idea. Upvoted. Appreciate uour up vote.

Much appreciate your suggestion, I would like to state why I resteem this post.

Agree 100%, I've only resteemed a few times. I think it makes sense to add short notes on resteems to make some sense, especially if one is resteeming something that's so outlandish or uncommon to the tone of the blog account that's resteeming it

Exactly. I wrote 2 posts about resteem. 1 to gripe and explain the impact and apologise for my accidental resteem. another earlier today to also apologise to accidental resteem again and suggest we need an undo or resteem need to give people some consideration to add their own comments much like what FB and tweeter does. :-)

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