Technology take us his own way. and we go that way happy happy.

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Our problem is, we are so muchDependable on our technology. Maybe we are abusing and overusing technology or have become highly dependent on it. I cannot stay 45 mins without touching my mobile. We have become so habitual that even if we don’t have anything to do we open our mobile, scroll through apps, click on any random app, close it, open settings tab and close it and again keep our mobile aside. And when we are disconnected from the internet we feel we are useless and nothing to do. All this tells us that we are dependent on technology which has abused our mind to such an extent that we cannot live without it. Young kids have their eyes glued to mobile phones, they become hyper when we snatch or restrict their mobile usage.Untitled15.jpgAre we over consuming the information? Or consuming information that we don’t require and cluttering our mind. Well if this is so then most of our energy is going in unwanted things. While writing this article I can see loads of notifications popping up from my mobile of WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, news applications, Facebook etc Well some of them are important for me but 99% of it is useless.

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What type of camera did you use for this?

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

No camera. Custom

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