The King Is Dead, Long Live The King!

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Steemit is on its deathbed. I wanted to give the transition a chance, but its been more like a "bull in a china shop" instead of what was promised. I'm glad they rolled out communities, but I was really hoping for SMTs. Oh well. As soon as I can I'll be switching over to the new Hive Blockchain (
So long SteemIt, thanks for the memories.
Viva La Hive!


I will probably continue using both and see how it goes from there.

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not sure what that means?
i am here as a replacement for facepuke et al. not self engendered blockchain based profits.

I will be producing content on both blockchains for a while, I expect rough patches on both during a transition period. Give them both until mid-April to see where they stand.

It's hard to tell anything regarding how one or the other is going to do when those wanting to move solely to the new chain continue to post on Steemit about wanting to move on.

the link to the hive blockchain announcement isn't working...

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