Politics of emotions – why Steemit can make the world more lovely

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The US Election Battle becomes a pop-show. In Europe the migration of refugees shows up raccist attitudes. The world wide web booms of untruth and hate... 

   Why is politics and society of 21st century in hostage of emotions? Weren't we the inheritor of age of enlightment. Didn't we already recognized the power of intellect instead of the power of anger, hate, and physical destroyment? Why does it feels like we are stepping back in history? 

The reason seems easy for me: Precisely because we realized the power of intellect!  
We accepted that humans are rational thinking and selfish creatures. To restrain our so called „nature“, we started to give our society a particular framework. We accepted that we're all equal and have individual rights. We agreed that we're all selfish, so we forced us to controll each other. We were aware of our inner impulse of mastery, so we gave everyone the same voice. We knew that we are clever, so we started to discuss problems to figure out smart solutions.  This pretty much is an achievement of human history! But why does it turning wrong at these days? 

  We constructed a world in which rational reasons are the basic of any decision. This isn't the worst idea. But we did the same mistake as we often did. We totalized the principal of rationalism.    Every human knows the feeling of being angry about something, without being able to express this in words. Every human knows the miracle of loving someone, without needing a reason. 

  This is also part of our so called „human nature“. But we ignored it. Because we were afraid of it.  And it is like it always is, if you just ignore a sign in the bottom of your heart, it will knock against your chess. It will kick your belly from the inside. And if you don't listen to it, it will slowly creep into your brain and start fighting with your consciousness.    In my point of view, thats exaclty what happens in contemporary times.   

  We build a society were feelings and unreasonable thoughts were dismissed. For a long time it went well. Because we didn't realize that gap between our hearts and our minds.    But with the unique change of ways of communication in the last decades this gap becomes highly obvious. People have opportunities to express themselves. People start listening to each other. In the internet you find people who share your ideas and feelings. You're becoming part of groups who you trust in. And it is like in real life: only in trustful surroundings you start to show your feelings. You start to express your emotions – whether there's an argument or not. The only reason is: you just feel like that.   

  And this is the moment where we begin to realize that the game of rationalism, what we play since decades, is ruled by our minds, not by our hearts.   

  People are voting for presidents just along their sympathy. They did always like that – but now it becomes obvious. People are expressing their fear of strangers. They always had – but now they dare. People begin to believe what other people tell them – not for good reasons, but because they just feel like that. 

  And politics are not able to react to this mass of emotional releases. We constructed a world where feelings had to be quiet for a long time. Politics, markets, even individuals were all controlled by rational considerations. The new way of communication is shattering this building down. It reveals the gap between what we are doing and what we feel like to do. 

  What seems to show that human beings are taking the last step into a deep hollow, can be seen as  a chance for making the world a more cozy place for all of us. We should not stop thinking - this would be the same failure of totalitism. But we should start to realize the world and human beeings are complex. We and our society can not be reduced to one principle. We should start listening as well. Listening to our hearts and our feelings. Sometimes it will not be possible to express what we heard from our inside. And that will make it complicated to make an impact on our lifes.   

Steemit is an opportunity to help us to express. To establish ties between our minds and our hearts. 

Steemit will play a major role in this new game: A game where our hearts plays a role as well! 

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