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Slotegrator released its online casino marketing guide. Today, many operators face the fact that they cannot properly set up advertising to promote their online casino. If operators misuse a marketing strategy or do not use it at all, this can lead to the fact that the gambling platform goes unnoticed. In such cases, it is not at all surprising that gambling sites go bankrupt. Therefore, Slotegrator decided to develop a free marketing guide, which you can download here. It will help you select the right online casino marketing strategies that will fit your gambling platform, and you will be able to attract the target audience.


What are the benefits of this online casino marketing guide?

Due to this guide, you will have an opportunity to create your own brand by using SEO and digital ads. Also, you will be able to use social media marketing properly and grow traffic with the help of affiliate partnerships. It is worth noting that this marketing guide will teach you to offer the profitable bonuses system and help provide your users the best gaming content, etc. After that, you can be sure that new players will become loyal VIP customers.

How to attract players to the gambling platform?

To attract as many players as possible to your gambling platform, you need to find the most effective marketing campaign for your online casino. It isn't easy to develop a marketing plan and strategy on your own to promote your platform. Therefore, operators need to use the services of specialists who will help your online casino become famous and make huge profits.

The best online casino marketing ideas

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Traditional advertising
  • PR


Several steps to retain online gambling customers

Attracting new users to the gambling site is a costly activity and not always effective in long-term returns. Firstly, new online casinos often appear on the market, which can entice some customers. Secondly, not all players who register make serious bets on the first day.

This does not mean that you do not need to attract new users: any online casino with long-term plans needs a competent marketing strategy, which includes both increasing the audience and its retention. Let's take a look at the classic ways to do this.

  • Free games. They attract clients who want to try playing new games without making payments.
  • Loyalty programs. Such programs include rewards for frequent bets, encouragements for playing games, and time spent on the site. Players always appreciate these awards.
  • Cashback. There is a system whereby a certain percentage of a losing bet is returned to the client as an incentive. Cashback rules need to be well-thought-out so your casino does not lose profits.
  • Push notifications. Attractive notifications are sent to the customers and remind them of new products, promotions, and events in their favorite games.
  • In-game events. Promotions and bonus offers tied to official holidays and personal dates (for example, the day of registration of a client in an online casino).
  • Bonuses. These include welcome bonuses, referral rewards, reload, etc.
  • Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate programs help to attract the target audience to the casino. Partners for this receive a small percentage of the resource's profit.
  • CRM systems. These are programs that help the casino keep track of customers, segment the audience and effectively interact with them.

Information about Slotegrator

Slotegrator is a software developer that provides different solutions to online casinos. The company has been for nine years in the gambling market. Slotegrator has an impeccable reputation and provides its clients high-quality services. It has over 50 partners and offers its client the best solutions in the gambling market, like integration of the games to the online casinos from the most famous developers, various payment systems, legal services in the legalization of gambling business, and many others.

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