How to launch an online casino in Australia?

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Australians are considered the most gambling players in the world. Each player spends on bets and online casinos an average of $1,300 in a year. Since 1996, online gambling has significantly grown. The online gambling industry is still one of the most promising and profitable markets. As Australia has a huge number of gambling enthusiasts, this region most of all attracts operators. Therefore, a huge number of owners of the gambling business want to start an online casino in Australia.

Launching an online casino demands a lot of effort and money, but all investments will see a quick return. We will provide you the crucial information to start an online gambling platform or poker business in Australia.

Getting a license for an online casino

First and foremost, you should obtain a gambling license. This process is challenging and includes a lot of paperwork. Therefore, it is better to use the services of specialists like Slotegrator, who will provide you legal services and help you cope with a complicated bureaucratic process. Also, you will avoid the risk of rejection with your application.


What is the necessary package of documents to apply for a gambling license?

  • Application
  • Identity documents of an applicant
  • Certificates of good conduct
  • Documents that confirm the absence of debts
  • Tax receipt
  • Financial statement
  • Confirmation that you have purchased premises

Regulations of gambling business in Australia

Australia does not have one jurisdiction responsible for gambling licensing. The government has created the eight commissions, each of which controls gambling activities in a certain region:

  • Queensland
  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • Northern Australia
  • Western Australia
  • Tasmania
  • national capital
  • South Australia

Most of these commissions also regulate other types of business such as the sale of alcohol, racing, bookmakers, etc. Regulatory requirements can be different, so entrepreneurs interested in getting a license in Australia should know in advance where their casino will be registered.


Obligations of the license holder

Regardless of the specific jurisdiction in which the permit is issued, the operator must adhere to the general rules:

  • cooperate with law enforcement agencies;
  • create comfortable conditions for players;
  • ensure the safety of transactions in the casino and adhere to the established limits for deposit/withdrawal of funds;
  • the absence of promotion of your online casino in Australia;
  • hire only qualified and accredited employees;
  • suppress attempts of fraud and money laundering through casinos;
  • protect the personal information of visitors.

If the operators work honestly and comply with all laws in the gambling market in Australia, they will have no problems. But if the operators violate the law, their casinos will be deprived of their gambling license.

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