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Hello guys! how are you all doing? I just want to share with you this wonderful giveaway that I won recently over at Twitter. I was surprised that I've actually won! I was expecting that a lot of people were gonna join since it was a big announcement. For those who are not aware TRX has been added as an ADDITIONAL reward mechanism on STEEMIT.

This means that those who are active on the platform will enjoy additional rewards aside from the existing rewards given out initially. This is HUGE guys and can be considered a more significant positive change after the acquisition of STEEMIT by Justin Sun.

twitter contest Steemit.png

The contest was simple all you had to do was to post a comment, retweet, and tag 5 friends. Winners were announced today and I was one of the lucky ones that were chosen. I was both happy and a little sad since not a lot of steemians to come and join to spread the news about this big development. You can see the tweet here and a screenshot of the giveaway shown below.

twitter contest Steemit 2.png

I think Steemit should do more marketing outside of the ecosystem. Hopefully, there will be more initiatives like this so that we can lore more people outside of the ecosystem. I hope more of the people who are in the TRON ecosystem come and check out Steemit and become their main blogging platform, Steemit, after all, is the first mover in the crypto social media space.

Anyway, if anyone of you plans to join more contest of steemit over at Twitter I suggest you to follow Steemit's Twitter account and when you are at it you might want to follow my account as well. I do share similar giveaways using my Twitter account. Thank you so much for stopping by.


Thank you po Ate! How are you pala active pa rin pala kayo sa steemit. ako kababalik ko lang try ko buhayin yung account ko here. Mukhang tapos na yata yung drama nila dito eh hahahah

Congratulations on being a winner on the Steemit Twitter Giveaway.

Thank you so much for the Twitter Giveaway! Hopefully next time there will be more steemians to join. Perhaps it is a good idea to conduct a daily or weekly contest to grow the account of Steemit on Twitter and help spread awareness about Steemit and the Steem blockchain.

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