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#1 - Bitcoin price WILL go up and we WILL see a new all-time high in 2016.

#2 - So they can each have a picture frame with their own private key to look at and learn of it's values.

#3 - It is much better than lining the bursting pockets of the ripoff banking giants who will earn interest on it.

#4 - Transaction fees are next to none.

#5 - To teach them about decentralisation early will be so beneficial as this is will be the way of the world.They are now apart of a revolution.

#6 - They can send their money, if they wish to, in a matter of minutes and follow each confirmation on the blockchain and to anybody in the world.

#7 - So they can say they adopted cryptocurrency from an early age and therefore will have no trouble in explaining about it to sceptics.

#8 - There will be no confusion ever in mistaken payments sent. They will know the address they wish to send to and they can confirm it before sending, this will eliminate chance of fraud.

#9 - It is relatively private and although wallets can be seen on the blockchain if they use them correctly (and they will be) nobody will be able to track them by their name or identity.

#10 - There can be no counterfeit Bitcoin like the current day-to-day monetary system. There is a fixed supply of 21 million which is an advantage right there.

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This isn't the first time I have seen this post?

Love this idea! Have considered this too!