Yeah I'm still alive, and steemit too! o/

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Good evening dear steemians. soooo long no see!

Yeah I know I kinda vanished here for quite a while, the last years has been quite a lot difficult to deal with. I've tried to come back to my daily posting routine but I everytime I tried It didn't last long.


But now we're approaching some really crazy times. the next BTC bull run has already started, we just saw the BTC all time high being broken yesterday, and as if it wasn't enough SBD today have spiked up to 5 USD.


Since I was kinda away about what's happening here, this got me by surprise. Because even though I've been absent here, I'm also still have a huge love for steemit and intention to come back. But so far I'm still kinda clueless about what's happening to prices spikes like this now. neither if it's gonna continue to spike more or just cool down again.

I'm making this post short, but I would like to ask if you guys have any idea or theory about whats is happening that's being reflect at today's price please let me know in the comments bellow.


Ps: Remember by just clicking in the resteem button you will be giving an amazingly support to great content authors to keep doing his good work. So do not hesitate to resteem or even making a post about a good content you have seen, share it with your Steemit brothers and sisters! ^^

Thank you for reading my post!

I'm @andyluy a Brazilian jobless college student, freshman at cryptocurrencies who live in Rio de Janeiro, love to make new friends , travel around the world, having adventures and believe that steemit can help me to gather 20,000 $ to realize my life dream to study in Japan!

I intend to post about amazing things I've experienced, and hope soon be able to bring you with me to my new adventures.

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