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Hi there, how you going today? Now I want to talk about 4 cities with the fastest internet connection all over the world. Is your city in the list? So., check it out!!

Nowadays, you must know t1he internet. Yes, with internet communication and information flow faster.
It is not a strange thing at this time that many sectors of life are easily accessible using the internet. Even our daily lives are always in contact with the internet.
Even so, it's not uncommon for us to discuss slowing internet connections. Well, if you want the quality of your internet connection to always be fast and good, you need to have a dozen of these cities.
Summarized from the sources, the following is a summary of four cities in the world that have the fastest internet.

  1. Tokyo
    The need for internet has mushroomed to the world. Everyone uses the internet as access to job information and personal needs. Many cities in the country have high quality internet connections, one of which is Tokyo, Japan. As a metropolitan area, Tokyo has internet speeds of up to 19.6 Mbps. Speed is satisfying despite having to spend costs starting from $35 per month.

  2. Hong Kong
    Next, a city with a fast internet connection is Hong Kong. Internet speed in Hong Kong is around 19.9 Mbps. There are 12 thousand more hotspot locations in Hong Kong. However, to be able to access all locations must buy an official number in Hong Kong. Even though they don't buy it, there are still many locations that provide free wifi facilities, such as in public spaces and stations.

  3. Seoul
    South Korea also has the fastest connections, especially in Seoul. The average internet speed in this city is around 26.1 mega bits per second (Mbps). In this city there are more than 10 thousand hotspot locations scattered in various public facilities.

  4. Chattanooga, Tennessee
    Last one is Chattanooga. The fourth largest city in Tennessee. The city has an internet company known as the first with the ability to provide download speeds and upload up to 1,000 Mbps. With that speed, the costs incurred are also quite expensive, which is around $80 per month.

Alright guys, I think thats all for now, I will see you in my next steems. Dont miss it!!!

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