Time to Twitter Poll Again: On To the Semi-Finals

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Apparently our stellar performance in last week's poll (shout out to @kingscrown for starting the stampede) by blockchain exchange CEO Bobby Lee has gotten us into the top bracket of the semi-finals, up against the big boys--Ethereum, Monero, and Zcash--where we belong! Right now we're in 4th with 11% of the vote, but we were behind last time too and we wound up dominating, so if you're looking to have a little fun and show the world we mean business, head on over to the poll and vote for Steem!


Special thanks to @cryptoctopus for bringing this follow-up poll to my attention


Never doubted your prowess! I hope the community continues to repay you ;)

Done my next reminder incl. #howto create a #twitter account post - we need to push that poll until it ends - without doubts the most important action for all steemians currently!

We might discuss a short-termed twitter strategy how to target / tag influencers that help us - anyone of us knows certain big guys there i am sure - get them to vote for Steem!

I love seeing all the Steem comments underneath the tweet. The comments are around 80-90% for Steem 🤣😁

Indeed. Steem is picking up some steam! Pun intended! :)

Voted for STEEM!:)
It will be really difficult to win against ETH. We need everybody to vote!

If everyone re-steems this post then we have a chance. Just a matter of getting it out there.

i vote for u....

how to vote tell me please ? I am new here !

It's over. ETC won.

I'm voting and commenting for Steem on everything. Hopefully it helps!

Thanks @rerez! Every vote helps, especially now that we've fallen behind XMR >:(

2 days in row, I am posting and tweeting all over this, we are only about 5% behind ETH right now, which already is a victory is many aspects, to be in the final 8 and final 4 currencies Bobby would consider, neat stuff!!



Wow.. glad we are at #4... hey steemians come on and make us #1.

I already did. Voted!

VOTED!!! :)

Time to turn up the heat! It will spread quickly!!

Hecho, vamos al primer lugar...

Voted here, voted on twitter, resteemed here, retweeded there, posted on steemit.chat... but for sure I can still notify my friends :)

Shame that our bots don't work there on Twitter :)

Voted for Steem again!

Renewed effort needed as monero has taken the lead...get to it steemians!!
Click this link and VOTE STEEM!!

bobbyclee Bobby Lee tweeted @ 15 May 2017 - 16:28 UTC

.@YourBTCC The Battle of Digital Currencies! Which should @YourBTCC offer?
Semi-finals, poll 1 of 2: #Vote now and… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

I voted on twitter and it felt dirty... we are beating Monero with 23% let's get this going!! Woohoo!!

We are currently at 1st place!
This shows how awesome the Steemit community is.

Keep voting guys, there is still time left on the poll and we can't let ETH overtake us again!

Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-16 um 19.05.15.png

Done...again! 🐦


I made my first twitter account ever just to vote.

Resteeemed too!

Gogo Steem Power Rangers!

Ok, thanks for the update... will go ahead on Twitter and vote for Steem. We love you Steem to the moon and back!

Voted for Steem!

Es una guerra contra el ETH, todos los guerreros a voten :D

Voted for Steem! :D

Bobby Lee is trolling big time.

#Monero took over the lead - we need more votes

bobbyclee Bobby Lee tweeted @ 15 May 2017 - 16:28 UTC

.@YourBTCC The Battle of Digital Currencies! Which should @YourBTCC offer?
Semi-finals, poll 1 of 2: #Vote now and… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Done, go steem

hell yeah lets vote for steem

Though we still need to make a run for first place, it's pretty cool we are ahead of monero and zcash. Get those votes in folks and make a run for gold (and def. hold the silver!)

You could have denied the payout on this.

GREAT NEWS for us all! Thanks for sharing. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

We are going up (30%). Keep voting!

Voted for STEEM!:)

I just made this remix of the Moana how Far Ill Go ...but I made it about bitcoin prices going up up as if shes talking about crypto currency prices, I made this for all you steemiters! Included a shoutout to steemit in the description so you know its me!

Hope you enjoy, took me a while but I think it gets the message across!

Voted and resteemed!

We only have to beat Monero and Zcoin. We trounced them in the first round.

Hahaha you made me laugh.....

I just shared with my subscribers! Lets go Steem!

Voted for Steem!

the love in the comments for steem in the twitter polls is incredible. WOW voted

Hope Steem wins again. We need the votes. Voted

Holding thumbs!!



One of many tweets I have out, and I mean MANY


BarryDutton Barry Dutton tweeted @ 16 May 2017 - 15:16 UTC

@bobbyclee @YourBTCC @certainassets @bobbyclee @OmarBham @Soul_Eater_43 @Steemit

steemit.com/steemit/@barry… / https://t.co/O0VJ9MZJdv

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

BarryDutton Barry Dutton tweeted @ 16 May 2017 - 15:16 UTC

@bobbyclee @YourBTCC @certainassets @bobbyclee @OmarBham @Soul_Eater_43 @Steemit

steemit.com/steemit/@barry… / https://t.co/O0VJ9MZJdv

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Blog posts out 2 days in a row on this, feel free to share this today all over, has all the info people need to look at - use and act on...


I voted with all 3 of my twitter accounts. In Steem We Trust!

Go go go!

A vote for this comment is a vote for STEEM! Have a wonderful day believers.

go to Twitter! need votes! resteem

Resteemed @andrarchy so every Steemian is really voting! Come on Guys! We should talk about this all the time - it could be a game changer! Go and Vote, tell your fellow Steemians about it!

Go steem! Resteemed!

People will vote for major asset they hold, but it doesn't mean they don't like Steem. But if multiple votes are possible, I'm pretty sure Steem would win.

Voted for Steem. What else ^^

plz give me suggession to make money on this site

nice.. Steem 4 ever ^^

Let's win this one!


You have my support, i'm loving this place!

Voted! Thanks for the heads up.

Wow .......!

I just voted for STEEM :)

are u sure.?

Steem to the MOON.

Voted for Steem!

Voted! C'mon guys we we being beat out by ethereummmmm. Vote!! :D Thanks so much for the heads up, again!

done.. good luck..

Voted For STEEM :)

Ask all friends and family (if they're on steemit yet or not) to go vote if they have a twitter. You can use it as a means to introduce them to their new best friend steemit in the process :)

Steem will take over


Voted for steem!

Hi, upvote and following-

Got my vote in - thanks

I pray you win. But also have it in mind to serve the people, success to d party

Have also resteemed in the hope of more people seeing it and voting too!


Done, and will do in the finals

Nice Work @andrarchy


Go Steem Go

I am all for the Steem

1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Done...but Etherium's WAY out in front.

We have 3 days to change it! :)

Voted and Re-Steemed, let's get it out there shall we!


Aaaand.... we're in the lead! Steem 40%, Ethereum 39%!

I did not expect such the result! We were able to win

No. We haven't won yet. Monero is catching up now. There are still two days left to vote.

okay people steemit is first at the moment. dont stop voting ;)

Steem to the top baby !

STEEM is now winning with 45%!

Steem currently is in 1st place in the semifinals with a whopping 48% of votes. Ethereum is in 2nd with 34%.

We are leading - 44-36% Yeah - but still 2 days to go!

Hot off the press!

Just voted! Steem is winning with 44% of the votes (Ethereum has 36%).

1% to go! Come on! Let's show them why crypto + blogging platform = unstoppable!

nice post,@andrarchy Do you feel if I mention your name in my post occasionally? Because I am impressed with you

Voted and shared!
We can do it!
Come on!

@andrarchy I like Ethereum, i think it will go way higher soon. But Steem is my Baby.

We were leading and now Monero is.... damn.

Voted for steem!

done for steem.

voted already yesterday.

Cool. I had a chat with bobby lee on Consensus explaining him what steem was and that it deserves a place on the BTCC. I think he is not bribeable and just lets the tweet votes decide.

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