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A funny thing happened last week ... I got married! It's not something I ever imagined I would do, and certainly not something I ever imagined I would talk about using mushy terms along with mushy photos, oh well...

IMG_5716 copy.jpg

The fact of the matter is that I met someone who was beautiful, smart, funny, kind, you get the idea. I had to do whatever I could to convince her to stick around ;). So we got married last Friday and it was an absolutely amazing time. We're sure some things must have gone wrong, but it felt like everything went perfectly.

Planning a wedding is insanely stressful. It was one of the hardest experiences I've gone through, despite the fact that she planned pretty much the whole thing! But the end result was worth it. It was unreal being surrounded by all of the people who love us the most and just celebrate life with them. The wedding itself was almost incidental. It's really just an excuse to get your favorite people, even those you haven't seen in years, all in one place and then introduce them to a massive group of other amazing people.

IMG_5716 copy.jpg

Off to Africa!

Now that the wedding is behind us, we're going to head to Africa tomorrow for some safari and beach. That means that for the next 2 weeks I won't be available in my role as Head of Communications for Steemit, but @elipowell has assured me that the team will keep communications forthcoming because we've got a lot of exciting updates in the pipeline.

See you in 2 weeks!


Yup, that's us

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Great news, Andrew. Congrats and may your marriage be happy ever after.

Well done! Enjoy the trip and post some pictures!

Thanks man!

I so happy for the both of you. My husband have been together 33 years! I cannot imagine life without him.

Congrats man! This is so cool :)thanks for sharing the personal story. Glad you guys survived the wedding planing!


Congrats on your wedding @andrarchy, my best wishes for your future together but never forget to live the present!
You deserve a nice rest after all the hard work you’ve been doing.
Cheers 🥂

Thanks! I really appreciate that!

Congratulations. Wish you both the best. Have fun 🎊🎊🎊

Thanks Sergio!

A pleasure. Always good to see people happy 🤗

Big congrats! Enjoy your honeymoon! We both had a wedding this month and our honeymoons were both in Africa! Really cool, safe travels buddy see ya when you get back.

We'll have to trade stories!

For sure, I definitely have a few to share!

Both of you look happy and beautiful.

Congrats, enjoy your trip.

Thanks man :)

Congratulation and have a great honeymoon!

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Congratulations Andy! So happy for you guys!
Enjoy your honeymoon!

Congratulations @andrarchy and to the lucky lady, try and relax on your honeymoon so you can come back stronger then ever. :D

That’s the plan! But I’m the lucky one ;)

Congratulation man!!

I wish you a life of happiness to you and your bride!

Thanks buddy

Congratulation! Have a good honeymoon trip!

So Happy for you guys

Congrats! Have a lovely time in Africa!

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This is AWESOME!!
You are AWESOME!!

Congratulations! Very happy for you and if you have a chance while in Africa. Swing by a tiny country called Malawi and go to it’s beautiful lake. Enjoy

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Thanks for the recommendation Bo! Hope you and your family are doing well!

Congrats!!! And have a great time in Africa! :-):-)

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Such a shame I just saw this but it’s never late to wish you both a lovely life of union! Cheers to marriage!💜🎀🍾🎀💜

gratz :D

i am 10years with my wife and she is the best part of my life

Congratulations @andrarchy. Love and marriage is a beautiful thing. I wish you and your wife a beautiful and blissful journey of forever

Beautiful image

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Congratulations and have a great trip man! :)

What part of Africa? Kenya has the Best Safaris in the entire continent! Yes, I'm Kenyan :D 😄😄😁😁

Best Wishes to You Both!

Congratulations! If you are in South Africa, and specifically in McGregor, you and your lovely bride are welcome to join us for Sunday Supper. All the best to you both for this new, exciting chapter 🥂

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Best of luck on your honeymoon and have a great time in Africa ✌

so wonderful, congratulations!

Congratulations! Enjoy your honeymoon!

Wow! That was unexpected! Congratulations to you both man! Have a great trip.

Surprise! Lol.

congrats!:) enjoy hope it's a good time!


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Love makes you do that.... makes you want to share :)
And thank you for sharing ...

Both of you look lovely.
Congratulations <33
Wishing both of you an amazing honeymoon and a life full of love :D

Happy for you guys, bless your unions.

Congrats. I wish you both a happy forever. Meanwhile, Africa isn't a country, it's a continent with over two hundred countries. I hope you guys have fun.

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The United States of Africa...has a nice ring to it! But then there'd be 2 USAs and we know how that will go down. ;-)

Lol. Nah, it's simply Africa. You could specify by saying you going to Ghana in Africa.☺️

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I live in South Africa and have been fortunate to travel to a few of my neighbors. I love being in Africa. It has a wildness and reckless abandon to it. And the joy of Africa is something our friends over the pond can drink from.

Congrats to the groom and bride. Have a great honeymoon and safe travels 😊

ha, congrats to you both

Congratulations! Enjoy the time off and come back with new enthusiasm. Exciting times for you and Steem

A huge congratulations on taking on to the next step of your Life. Have a safe journey and enjoy the time.

Best wishes on your future together!

Lovely couple! Congrats on the marriage and wow that will probably be an amazing honeymoon in south africa.. enjoy your honeymoon!

@andrarchy ,congrats bro happy for both of you best of luck for your future

Congratulation and all the best to you and your wife....

Take her to the Caribbean sometime, one of the best place to sit back, relax and enjoy each other company

I’d love to!

This is the happiest moment of life. Always be happy like this!

Omg!! Congrats @andarchy :) And please forget about work and enjoy your honeymoon with your wife!!

Gonna do my best! Thanks!

Congrats Andrew, have a great one! See you in a couple of weeks!

Thanks Kev


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Wow congrats and you both make a lovely couple.

congrats, and please make sure to take malaria pills and yellow fever shots.

Wow! congrats man!!!

Congratulations! Very happy to hear this. You did it.

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I did!

God bless both of you. Stay happy

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She is beautiful! Congratulations!

he is also :/

you are great

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Congratulations @andrarchy!
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A big congrats @andrarchy both of you..

Enjoy your honeymoon... Will wait 2 weeks for your update ;

Enjoy the honeymoon and some well-deserved time off!

Congrats @andrarchy!
Enjoy your time in Africa.
Hope to see you in Bangkok!

Congratulations man! All the best to you and your lovely bride.

What a lovely couple you both are..

congrats!!! these are the happiest moments



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Don’t get eaten by lions.

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We’ll do our best Nate ;)

Congratulations @andrarchy sir

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Congrats, Andrew! Enjoy your trip in beautiful Africa!

Congratulations! Happy for you 🤩 Have a great safari ✈️🏝️

Wow great job planning a wedding AND also managing these great steemit podcasts you have been putting out. Very impressive! Hope you 2 enjoy the safari and the beaches, hopefully you can take some pictures (to be posted after the honeymoon of course 😜)!

Congratulations! Enjoy your travels!

Congratulations to the new spouses @andrarchy, in blessings and a union for life!

Congratulation Andrew! I wish you all the best to both of you!
Enjoy your honeymoon!

Congratutions! Andrew
All the very best for a great life, together!

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