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As part of the UK-promo team, I've created this "why join Steemit" video, a short, informative intro for newbies.

I have 5000 Steemit promotional flyers, cups, pens and baseball caps, and now this video made with the intention of bringing new Steemers to the platform.

I will be working with the #promo-uk team helping new people, and I'm taking the Huddersfield area, under the #promohuddersfield tag.

This video is there to encourage new users to the site and build our #community. It's creative commons, so please feel free to share far and wide.

I'm committed to growing this awesome platform and helping make Steemit the huge success all of us who are already here know it can (and will) be.

If you're in the UK, come and meet us in September at the midlands #meetup, and lets get to know one another!

Thanks for reading.

A big thanks to @triverse for the titles (they are super brilliant and I use them all the time) and a huge shoutout to @stephenkendal and the entire #promo-uk team.
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by the way congratulations on promotion to premier league Huddersfield ;)

Ha. Cheers. I have to admit Im no football fan, and I didnt realise they (a) weren't in the premier league already and (b) that it had happened. But I think the rest of Huddersfield knew, so thats ok for me.

Reddit but a nice way to also earn money. Makes it easy to pay the internet bills.

For some entertainment too. If you know what i meant ;)

Very much so! I love steeming. Getting paid is a super brilliant bonus, but I love the ecosystem that promotes people interacting with one another.

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Glad to see that steemit is booming in the UK as well as the USA (where I'm from). Great video and good attitude! Upvoted and following!!

Amazing and useful video, keep steeming on :) I wish you good luck :) Steemit is the best social network you are so right, it's good to motivate people, I recorded a lot of video about steemit and I will record more, let's improve the community together ;)

Yes, couldn't agreemore clixmoney. Following you!

you are right bro steemit is the best platform for us spend time on internet that why im not at facebook anymore

Yep. I doubt Mr Zuckerberg is going to pay hundreds of dollars per post on his vampire network..! Steemit rocks, and I totally believe in it.

they will try to buy steemit let see

Hahaha. good luck to them. Thanks for the Resteem too!

they want to control the earning if they are​ competitor​ they will try to buy and made it disappear​

Thanks bro i like your post, i also find my self using facebook less these days, steemit is my new hobby now, its freedom and economical to use, thanks you for sharing and i'm also trying to share this idea with people in my country

i hope more and more of us dis facebook in the future lol

Brilliant. Keep sharing....lets make Steemit THE place to be in the social media space. Thanks for the comment.

You are welcome my bother

Me too they are sucking the life out of their users without giving anything back, steemit is the journey i'm on now, bye bye facebook

Yeah! I quit facebook on Mark Zuckerbergs birthday. So long sucker, don't save me any cake I said...... ;o)

Awesome love how you are promoting steemit. The more people get on the more we all make. Keep up the hard work. Thanks

Thanks @queenpine. It's so much fun to do as well!

very helpful video and not just for people in the UK

Thanks @bernardchapin. Loads more to come

thankyu brother

You're Welcome bro

@anarcotech that is just awesome! these should bring in more people from the UK and beyond.

Thanks @simeonburke, I really hope so. This post is just minutes old and it's been hit by a whale...which just goes to show that Steemit really pays off. It's not just about the money though. I love the whole concept, the fact that this is the wild west, but everyone's really helpful and the whole ecosystem is about everyone being successful.

anarcotech, nicely done! Just watching your video gives a newbie a lot of tips if they pay attention to content and style. thanks!

Thanks @johnadams. I'm really enjoying helping people to grow and get their reputation up, and working with the #promo-uk team is brilliant.

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this is really really amazing video , i want to start video on youtube but how i can get a opening logo steemit like that? i want to start promote video like you but in my languange and my way but i can't make a opening cover like you . can you help me?

This was made by @triverse. I'm sure if you hit him up he will be more than happy to help, as I think he put it out there for the community to use.

can i ask him on private chat ? i'm not good on desain visual but i'm good on little self confidence and public speaking. indonesian community is now growing up. this video is really inspiring video

Well, steemit isn't like facebook, although there are discord channels for chat. You might just want to send him 0.001SBD and a message. This is the best way to communicate with people here, as they will see it in their wallet.

ah super idea . thanks dude . i'm sorry that my english is not so ver good thats why i allways shy to chat new people . but i will try it 😁

Thanks for this video! I am very new to Steemit but your post has definitely made me like it more! I'm from the UK so will keep an eye out for the meetup :)

Cool @redrica. Where are you in the UK (if you don't mind me asking...it's ok to be anonymous too of course!) I'm in Huddersfield, the centre of the universe (as everyone knows) where the sun shines for a whole 3 days a year.

Haha! Never been there, but I'm sure it's very pretty there. I'm currently in Surrey :)

Yes it's very green here. We have a saying in Huddersfield. "f' in't pissin dar is nowt wur botherin' wi". It translates as "If it isn't raining regularly, the trees will not grow and we will not live in such a beautiful place."

Or something....

A great video. I love steem and how many amazing people u meet here and getting paid is just like the topping of a cake :0)
Thx for sharing

You're very welcome. Thanks so much for your comment @saffisara

:0) U are welcome to. Have a great day

Thanks a lot for making this video. Shared it on fb and am waiting for my account to get banned there ;-) My well intended upvote as a newbie won't help much, but how about a steam powered dragon?


Hey anarcotech,

Great video. Im from Leeds! I really want to get into Steemit, but im missing something as im putting up great content, but im seeing no tracktion or money?

Check Out my Profile https://steemit.com/@ashleypeat

Can you help me out with what im doing wrong? or should be doing?

Hi @ashleypeat. Ok, you look very very new. Like a few days you've been on the site, so you don't have any steem power yet. First thing to say is it takes a bit of time and perseverence, and it can be disheartening seeing nothing in your wallet. But the key to Steemit isn't just posting, its interacting.

Your posts ideally should be well crafted. Don't ask for follows or upvotes. Everybody knows you want follows and upvotes. The key is to GIVE. Be Altruistic. Give great content.

Lay it out well, and either use the Editor or learn to use Markup.

You've hardly made any posts, or any comments...less than 30 at the time of writing (thats a combined total of votes and comments) so you know what, nobody really knows about you.

Find a niche, or series of niches. And write regularly.

Also, do an introduction post to verify yourself and say hi to us all. Tell the world who you are and what you are going to bring to Steemit...tell us your story, with pictures. Capture our attention and make us realise what a cool person you are. Go and have a look at the introduce yourself page, and see what people are doing.

Learn to use tags well, and make sure you tag properly. And if its appropriate, tag people using the @theirname sign

And the best piece of advice I can give is this... Comment. And upvote (no more than 10 times a day, or you'll wear your power down).

I'm currently doing a whole series of videos explaining the ecosystem and how it works in non-techie language for newbies. It's complicated, I get that.

But stick with it. And find local friends. I am going to follow you, and stay in touch. I was born in Leeds, and although Im Huddersfield all the way now, of course I'm going to help out a fellow yorkshireman.

And finally, realise that Steemit isn't a get rich quick scheme. It takes time and dedication, great content, patience, a lot of learning and a bit of luck...kind of like any business really.

I hope that helps. As soon as the videos are out I will be letting my followers know. I know its Leeds, but maybe follow me using the #promohuddersfield tag, or get in touch with @stephenkendal and the #promo-uk team and find out who's close to you.

Good luck. Stay close, and know that it was only April this year that I was at the same newbie place.

Let the word be shared.

And the word was shared. And the God of Steemit saw that the platform was good and the witnesses were happy. And he was pleased.

lol :D

Great video man, congrats.

Thanks @arnisocarras. Much obliged!

Great video,I'm from Liverpool and have been on steemit for 5 weeks now.
What an amazing platform it is,I still can't believe how much some people are making,why isn't everybody doing this. I joined up with little experience in cryptocurrencies and I'm getting by alright. I'm learning new things every day and I can't wait to learn more.

Hey @makrotheblack, great to meet you. Steemit is amazing. When more of us tell all our friends they will all be here.

the more the merrier

amazing <3

You're welcome @mrhappy

Thass a reet gud intro, lad. Glad to 'ear 'Uddersfield is full o' creatives & is promoting the future. The North isn't renowned for its forward thinking or positivity, so as I've only joined this evening, its great to hear your enthusiasm.
Good luck to you & all Steemians.

Aye ta lad.

This is great work. More should know about this fabulous platform.

I quite agree. Looking forward to doing the rest of the videos which will explain everything Steem-related for complete newbies (and maybe some people who've been here a while but don't quite get it all yet!)

I love the UK people ! All shapes, all sizes !! Come one and all UK ~ join tha Steemit !! Great encouragement good sir

I think I count as all sizes!

very helpful video

Thanks @padmakshi. Plenty more videos to come covering every aspect of Steemit. Just putting a film studio together to do it.

Good job man, nice to see another West Yorkshire lad on here.

Yeah, well it is the centre o' universe innit? Where you at @varah?

A very useful video! Thank you @anarcotech!

Welcome @amedea. Glad you liked it. More to follow....

Thanks! I am following you

Bro, I LOVE steemit. Great video, the only reason I'm still on other social media is to advertise for Steemit. I feel the more people I get on here, the better I'll do, the better they will do, the better everyone else on steemit already will do. No one loses, it's a win win win, and if you watch the Office, that's a real outcome for crisis mediation

That's what I'm taking about @rawpride

Great video !👍

Thanks @akkha. Much appreciated comment. We're now embarking on a whole series of pro recorded videos designed to teach newbies every aspect of Steemit.

You are welcome ! 👍👍👍

This is the best social platform in the world. Thank you for all the effort to build steemit platform.

You're welcome. I love it here, and as it grows we are all going to benefit enormously. Wait till you see what we are doing next....!

Great video. I'm just new on steemit. Now I really enjoy reading and posting. I like to be here because I can read some very great and content post .

I'm following you now , hopefully you will have a look at my profile and post then give me some comment . I'm @honey-pot :)

It's the place to be @honey-pot. Good to have you here.

Great video.... will definitely be using this to help people learn the value of Steemit and how we can start a new revolution for better utilizing the internet.

Thanks @oriongazer.There's a whole series of them coming out in the next couple of weeks, and I'll be talking about every aspect of Steem as a series of video tutorials for non-techies.

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Well said ! Very much insparing !! Spreading the word of Steemit at Greece & build the Greek community !

Well done @greek-trail. THanks for the comment.

Mahh man!

(no Homo:)

Good job :)

Yo yo Yo. Cheers @kid4life. Wait till you see what we're up to next...this was first time out with a green screen.

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Whoo hoo! I got a new badge. Get in.

I am not based in the UK, but my brother is and he is the one who got me to explore this community in the first place... so that has to count for something. lol

I also have a few reasons to join @steemit, which I shared earlier this evening... perhaps they will resonate with all of you too xxx

when I stepped onto this platform, I expected to be met with pretty much the same fundamental “make-up” as all the other social media sites that I frequented. I could not have been more wrong! And I realised that VERY quickly!..... https://steemit.com/steemit/@jaynie/the-passion-of-steemit-and-it-s-people

Thank you for your great contents. Very interesting on reading your articles. I am post about Japan in 3 language (in english,Japanese,Korean) to boost up Japanese steemit community in Tokyo. Good Luck with Steem.

A great introductory and very explanatory write up and video that is very motivating and can help many people to start up and enjoy + earn! Thanks for this!

I hope I get the chance to buy you a beer on my Steem account to! I think your video will convince people to move from the "Do Nothing," social media sites to Steemit, you're very likable.

I do hope so. Plenty more to come. I'm keen to teach people all about this fabulous place and hope to help more people understand the more technical bits, and why they are as they are.

I want to promote this site all I can as well. Still learning all the in's and out's. I made a promotional video for my introducemyself post. I sent it to all my other social sites to! I feel like a secret agent lol