Need Urgent Help Guys 😢

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Hello my dear and sweet friends how are you all? I am pretty much sure you all are fit fat and enjoying your healthy life.


Today I need your help, I dont able to express my feelings that how much I need you.I heared that in hard moments of life only friends do something for their friends, so I am going to tell you my problem. 😢



I already told you that I am a student of BSC and my father's monthly salary is too much low and it is not enough even to fulfil or basic needs. I pays my college fee himself. from the very beginning of joining steemit I met many good friends and they alredy support me.


One of them is @bobbylee. He is my best friend and after this @good-karma also support me and I am very much thankful for their kind support.
Today I am very sad because I dont have enogh money to pay my college fee. So I am requesting to my all friends that kindly do help me so i can continue my study. My total fee is Rs.12000 and 1 steem rate in my local currency is 130 so I need only 100 steem or sbd.


Kindly my dear friends send me steem or sbd. I shall be very thankful to you. And may be one day I will be able to return you. I am in a great trouble.😦


Maybe @fundition can help you. I hope they hear your voice

Yes and thanku 😢

You got a 32.99% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @cryptoewp!

You would have to share your billings from your university and some others things according about your needs but, this cute girl made my day. 😊

I am going to include you in my prayers

Really Thanku 😊

Very very thanku so much 😊

I sent you another 1 steem.

Everybody should help you, because you are a very hard working girl.

Thanku so much 😦

I sent you 7 steem right now.

Smiling here.. I wish steemit could get better.. I also have similar challenge to yours.

Thanks 😊

I just went through your blog.. It's impressive... Chat me up on discord.