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As I find myself on my 56th day on steemit and already got hacked twice and lost my key ones, I wonder to myself with the question: why am I on steemit? I mean sure, I've come to know wonderful people, but that could happen anywhere. whether on twitter, facebook or in real life. But what's different about people here is: craft making. Be them writers, comedians, painters, people who analyze crypto data, analyze politics, or just people being journalists or sharing news. People who I strongly believe they're in it for the same reason as me: money. Sure that might as well be a reflection of me that I see in people around. But it brings me out to ask one question :Am I on steemit just for the money? Long answer would be no, but a short one would definitely be yes.

Yes, if you ask me why am I writing on steemit at the moment my answer would be "For the money" and it's my honest answer. But why is it on my mind right now? Well, I'm a person suffering from mental illness, secluded from life. I didn't get to finish college, and the best job I had is the one yet to come. I have a lot of obligations, taking care of my sisters and niece whose mother died last year and her dad lives in Belgium and barely send her 100 Euro a month. And all of that is added to the fact that currently I'm actually homeless and looking for a job. So am I on steemit for the money? Yeah.

I've done all different kind of work. I did stand up comedy in Qatar where I opened for comedians such as Rusself Peters, Gabriel Iglesias, Maz Jobrani and many more with little to no payment. I didn't appear in any of the videos related to the events I was doing this for. I did shows at an open tent month long event and got no pay for it, I even have couple of videos on youtube of me performing. I've written articles for Qatar's best magazines and newspapers, and if I were to calculate the total of what I made from all of that the total would be 3000 Qatari Reyals, that's 800 Dollars. The Ideal Idea for me at the time was that I go to college while supporting myself and my family, sure I knew it was going to be hard, but with a doze of reality it was obvious that 800 Dollars aren't enough to support my family and pay for 4 years of college. That's why my friend suggested me to join steemit, I'd make direct money and my craft would be judged as it is. And there will be no more false promises from people who wouldn't even wait till I leave the room before deleting my number and forgetting my name.

I sometimes think that I'm just being greedy, but the fact is being poor means that you can't afford feelings other than greed. But also if you'd tell me that my family would be taken care off till the end of the year I'll happily decline payout. Which is where we come to my long answer: No, I'm in it this for the money. I've always looked at money as a tool, never a goal. In fact everyone who knew me personally describe me as "What's in his wallet is someone else's" rough translation but the meaning is I don't keep what I don't spend and I happily give it away to help others. I'm a homeless who works with a charity that I pay to every month. Money has never been anything more than a tool. Sadly it's a tool that you need so your back doesn't split in half, and break your mentality to beyond repair.

Am I on steemit for money? Overall no. Easily no. every day I go through waves of original non recycled work, Jokes to laugh at, news to know about it, analyses to learn, stories to emotionally invest with. Talking with writers of poetry and short stories, jokers and all of those good people on steemit, who much like me came to steem it in a last desperate attempt of effort to keep doing what they love doing and share it with others. The reason I am on steem it is to do comedy. write stories, share what I know, my beliefs and read why could be wrong. And just have the daily conversation about life without having to worry about falling behind.

My goal for being on steemit on the long run is watch the community I'm in grows and spread the help I get on daily bases from people on comedyopenmic to other people. bloggers, vloggers and everyone looking master their craft and share it with world. I'm here overall to share my work, make people laugh and take criticism and improve it. But that's overall, for now, am I on steemit for the money? Yes

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I'd applaud this, but I don't want you to mistake it for gun fire.


I’d shoot you but I don’t want you to mistake the gun fire for applauding.

There's nothing wrong with being here for the money, but in the search for money we get the best out of ourselves, end up doing what we love and we creating incredible things.


Something I was going to mention but can vaguely remember the quote. Is when a famous writer was asked “why do you write?” And he replied that he writes for money. The journalist said “is that why you write, I write for honour” to which the writer said “well, we all look for what we’re missing”.

That along with what you said adds up to why money is a goal.

Fuck Russell Peters, Fuck Trevor Noah (by default) and Fuck every other comedian out there; Amir, you're my most favorite stand-up comedian, in top 3.
Not even kidding man. You grossly underestimate yourself. Stop it. It hurts me.
Now go find a goat to fuck, asshole. <3


I will.


Use protection though.

Ha, basically, an average Steemit user.


Well, yeah. It’s just I see this a lot “you should help the community grow” or “it’s not about the money” and all different things preached in posts. So this is sort of my indirect reply.


Your post really is good, brother, you upvote us. Because every upvote of yours is very valuable.