Importance of Cryptocurrency

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In the E-currency blog sphere, Cryptocurrency trending. I was really astonished until I determined to undertake a little investigate on it in order to disclose to you what it is all about before you endeavor into it. Perhaps I must call it the ABC of Cryptocurrency.

It is nothing but a is a digital currency that uses encryption that means Cryptograph with a view to create money and to validate transaction process. From the technical standpoint, it is an encrypted, peer- to- peer virtual currency made up of codes and it’s just like any other exchange medium like, British pounds, US dollars and Euro but in this angle, the exchanges utilization of encoded subtle elements and trade of computerized tokens in an appropriated and decentralized way and these tokens can be exchanged at showcase rates for level monetary forms. Until the Crypto currency invention, It was unfeasible for two parties to perform communication electronically without make use of a trusted intermediary and third party service. The reason was 'twofold spending' issue, which influenced all endeavors to make electronic cash since the beginning of the internet.

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced a form of Cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin which completely overcame the problem of ‘double-spending as the transactions took place between the users directly without the intermediary. By introducing the use of public key cryptography, peer- to-peer networking and a proof-of-work system, he was able to make this achievable. Another notable by Bitcoin was the employment of Ledger which was referred to as Block Chain. In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto presented a type of Cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin which totally overcame the issue of 'twofold spending as the exchanges occurred between the clients straightforwardly without the mediator. He could influence this conceivable by presenting the utilization of public key cryptography, to peer- to-peer networking and a proof-of-work system. Another striking introduction by Bitcoin was the execution of Ledger which was alluded to as Block Chain. The work of the block chain was to reconcile and store all the Bitcoin economy transactions.
Like another electronic cash system, the blockchain isn’t controlled by a central authority but it is a public document dispersed in a peer-to-peer technique across a wide range of nodes in the Bitcoin network. This also made it easy to track digital exchanges and prevent cheating. This additionally made it simple for preventing cheating as well as tracking digital exchanges. There are different forms of Crypto currency such as, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Auroracoin, Blackcoin, Ethereum, Decred, Coinye, Dash, Mazacoin, Bitcoin , etc.
Importance of Crypto currency
• It is trustful, secure, and transparent digital currency.
• It cannot be forged or reversed illogically by the sender as with credit card chargeback
• It ensures that the transaction can be done anywhere
• It ensures highly non-disclosure or anonymous transactions
• It cuts out the requirement for a third party in exchanges and safeguards wealth against capital controls or exchange controls.
• It encourages exchanges free of regulatory interfering and promotes what is referred to as low-cost banking as it permits consumer to access from anywhere
• It uses a ‘push’ mechanism that permits the holders of crypto currency to send precisely what a person wants to the recipient or merchant with no additional information
• It avert identity theft as we come across in the case of credit card
• It ensures full ownership of your account
• It allows to own the private key and the corresponding public key that makes up for your address of crypto currency and no one can take that from you.


Good work my friend. Congratulations.

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