Steem Dollars towards 0.00021 pattern!

in steemit •  6 months ago

Current value of sbd: $2.24
this is dip with -9.94% in btc pair value
This pattern is leading to the dip value of $1 again!

around of April first, sbd hit the most dip value of the year $1.42 each
thats 0.00021 btc

although there is still a huge resistance at 0.00025, still it moves to that direction,
If a side ways continues in downtrend position, it may reach the $1 value of steem!

Buying back of steem is not recommended ATM!

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this is really disappointing sbd and steem again crash


don't be, this is just a healthy market,
Every down or crash of a coin is a chance to to buy more! and earn more!

  • this is what market does!

In other hands, a continue growing of price is also a risk knowing it will fall!


Hodl is always recommended,

Buying more during the dip is the best investment, knowing it will go up again! This is how market works yesterday, today and tomorrow!