It's Official: Got My Dtube Shirt!

in steemit •  8 months ago

Hey Dtube & Steemit!

So I have been on steemit for about 6 months and on dtube for about 5 months now. It's about time I got my first dtube apparel...It's a dtube shirt for myself and one for my husband. Super excited about finally being able to Rep. dtube while I'm out in town! I'm sure there will be a lot more gear coming my way soon!

I purchased theses shirts from Amazon with @reseller's link.

So check them out here:

As always,

All things cooking…decentralized!

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Good stuff, I also have these on Etsy if anyone wants to use that platform. Thank you for the support. I have had a few people ask me about my shirt and hat so it does work!


For sure! Great shirt excited about it.


Do you have any amazon links for Hats?! :)


@joeparys just Etsy: its the new logo hat only.

Sweet stuff. I got mine from @reseller as well and man, awesome, quick service. TShirt arrived and was exactly as I thought. Definitely recommend his Etsy store!


For sure! Highly recommend it!

Really interested too. Wow! should probably be my next priority. Love the shirt, great visual quality. Congrats, happy for you, I will also start making effort to get some. Honestly, you always inspire me.

Yep, it looks like Dtube has taken root as a STEEM success story!




Yeah! You should join. 😀


Lol...I have no value in my sad....

Indeed, should God say the same, I'm sure this would be a fun 'venture!...In the meantime, it would be cool just to rock the t-shirt just for the hey of it.

Smh...still lol...a valueless upvote....How far can that Steem plummet??? Now, I KNOW I should have followed the CEO of Steemit's'm sure the wiser, more trained traders did!...;+)!


I like that color. Look good on you xoxo


Thanks anne i love the color too xoxo

Waiting for amazon to sell tshirts of steem in India.
and the link is not working .. Please check


Hmm i just checked it worked for me.


Yes its working now

I really enjoyed watching you get the D


Dude....high five.


Thanks! I couldn't be happier! 😀

Wow it looks amazing, I love the grey background!


Yeah I forgot what it was called but I liked this one the most I think it was called Ash or something...haha.



Oh no! I only thought it was a photo now I see this is a clickable DTube video :O Hahaha I was looking at the Ash shirt....



@alphasteem cool shirt! Looks like charcoal gray correct?


Yes! That's the one lol. I was to lazy to check back what I ordered haha...

I would like to add that "Steemit is Love"


I would have to agree with you!

I had this in my cart a couple days ago. Was going to get one for the farmer! Great minds! I didn't realize there was a color choice! That's pretty! Or maybe you just make everything look pretty! 😘


haha That is too funny! Can't wait to see your video of it. You will make it look very pretty also! ❤️

Awesome! Great looking shirt, I will have to pick one up some time!! :)


For sure! @reseller is the man for that. They look awesome.


Awesome! :)

Looking cool, lady:)


haha. Thank you very much @xabi!

Besides the point, your hair color is stunning ^_^


haha, thank you so much! Thats a nice compliment 😁❤️

Cool t-shirt @alphasteem

So ... the steemit/dtube/dsound tribe finally starts to cook some great food/music for souls here in this steemian world ... Congrats

Keep in touch


hey @luciannagy sorry for the late response... for sure we got some great content on steemit! Thanks a lot excited to wear this awesome shirt!

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!

Hi girl... great idea for @dtube... congratulations from Venezuela country.


The Dtube shirt looks super cool!

nice post dear


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wow. beautifull .are you make it ?