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I have finally arrived in LISBON!!!!! 

Aaaaa this is soo bloody exciting!! I have forgotten how amazing it was and just realised it is so good to see everyone!!





So many familiar faces already, I cant even list them all!  I am just getting ready to go for opening drinks!!

Our flight was delayed, but then we checked into our amazing hotel! it is really cool! 

Then we went to have some food, as we were starving! 

We went to the local place and had some traditional portugese food, lamb and goat! 







And of course some pastilas, they are soooo good!!!





I will be updating you all on Steemit Festival here LIVE!!! 

Also my talk is happening on FRIDAY at 11.10 am !!!! I hope you can make it!! 

Alla xxxx


So wish I could be there. Maybe next time.

I can definitely feel the excitement from your post! Very glad you're updating us, who can't make it, on what's going on over there for Steemfest 😀

Those Portugese custard tarts look amazing! One of my faves! Hong Kong does a slightly different version: "Egg tarts", and they're awesome 😊

Yes Steem goes with food, great combination.

Alla I love the photos with food...made me feel hungry... hope it was good!! Have a amazing time... look forward hearing from your visit.

greetings we Aceh, for all steemian in STEEMIT FESTIVAL - LISBON ..


Nanggroe Steemit Community (NSC)

Pretty amazing stuff. Lisbon seems to be quite interesting city.

beautiful pics great

Hunger is the best spice. Looks delicious and exciting!

i like your post dear,because i think that you just work nicely,so just keep it up this things.i hope you doing well in future.

We will waiting for your SteemFest2 updates @allasyummyfood
Have a nice day.

Wow. looks like you are going to have so much fun. :)

I try next year to come there :) And steem go soon up then I'm definitely there for sure.
But I send something there, small part of myself, there is one big exhibition.. one my photo is up there :) photo name is Man . :))

That was such a sweet spot you picked to eat! Where was it? Love to try something truly local around here.

nice post like my post

upvote u n plz upvote me

awww.. I love the foods! I wish I could join the steemfest but i couldn't. Im out of money and sacrificing now to get my daughter back.
anyways, have fun. Cheers! ^_^

Thank you for sharing these photos with us. Enjoy the festival and stay safe! Thesteemster thinks he is your dad LOL.

Yay... egg tarts. I'll just have to settle mine with KFC

Have a good time there!

I have no clue what happens at steemfests. Is it like Woodstock?
If so I may attend next time. While you are there, an you please ask why my steemit has the same color as your soup?

Hope you are enjoying Lisbon ❤ have fun there

omg it looks so amazing. I love eating and exploring new food.

Looks like you will be having a great time. . . great pics... great city.

Hi @allasyummyfood indeed i am glad to learn of SteemFest 2 in Lisbon Portugal how i wish i was there too to enjoy with the other fellow Steemians perhaps let me hope i will attend one of the SteemFest in future also let me hope you will continue to post updates each day as it occurs,lastly i can see you are still blogging as usual on food even when you are still there since the pictures are awesome and spectacular in the eyes of the viewer,thank you @allasyummyfood for this post and keep on posting more updates about SteemFest ferrytail 2.

I hope you can one day :)) i will do!! yes we are always blogging! hahah

Oh man sweet Alla! If only I knew you'd be attending!! Next time / rain date ~WAHOOOOO!~* LQQKs like a sweet time ~ R.O.C.K. On / STEEM On !
♥¸.•°”˜˜”°•.✫ B★E★A★U★T★I★F★U★L ✫¸.•°”˜˜”°•.♥

really awesome shearing .Pretty amazing stuff. Lisbon seems to be quite interesting city

Photography are very very nice with wonderful people thanks for sharing @allasyummyfood

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