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OMG EVERYONE!!! STEEMIT festival is SOOOOO CLOSE!!! I cannot believe it, its been a year since we went last year, time really does fly!!!

I am so excited to see all the familiar faces and meet some old faces too!!! This year will be incredible, if you havent seen a video that Roeland has done about the locations, you should check it out!!! 

I am also in process of announcing something exciting we will be hosting over the weekend! STAY TUNEDS!! Just need to re confirm some details!!

I am not going to lie, I am a bit nervous about my talk in front all of you, so I hope you will support me and please cheer :) hahaha 

Are you coming to steem fest? 

Lots of love,

Alla xxx

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Goodluck.. I'm pretty sure you'll do good!!!! Congratulations in advance!!!

I'm excited as well which team are you on ?


what do you mean which team?

I will see your photos or video recording of steemit festival.

Unfortunately no, not attending any gatherings.
But there is always next year.
Wishing everyone a GREAT time at the festival!

And @allasyummyfood you will do great talking and sharing with everyone in attendance

Very good post miss beautiful
Good job

It will be interesting :) , I think all are afraid to talk there. :)

I'm coming!!! In fact, I'm already in Lisbon! :D


hahah NICE!!! im there tomorrow !!!

You are a good photographar


aww thanks !!

Nice photography with sweet smile @allasyummyfood
thanks for your post

I'll be there in a few days.


yayyy!!! see you soo soon!!!

Im new here in steemit...such a lovely day I suppose and hope to witness it


yeah you will!!

Feeling excited. Lol. Upvoted and followed. Please follow back and upvote my posts. Gracias . @nathanieloamhen

so you are bringing them goodies again?


hahah no goodies this time, unless i have some time there :) i could make something and fly it over, but it would be hard :D


i'm sure there be other goodies too :-)