Busy.Org a combination between Steemit and Facebook?

in steemit •  last year

I don't know how I find this website but it looks so good and simple done. I like a lot to this website that it's showing me my voting power, which I can't see it on Steemit.com, just take a look.


But the best thing that I like it here is that I can see all people who upvoted my posts and the percentage of their VP used.


I didn't login here because I am afraid to loose my account, I am waiting for your opinion about this website.

Thanks for reading, I'm @alexxa.


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I really like busy, prefer it to steemit really.... except 2 things.
One, we are trusting busy's security set up to protect our keys for steemit. I believe busy to be as secure as here (here has been hacked at least once that I know of), yet understand the risks of letting another party hold creds for a wallet elsewhere.
Two, the creating content page is not as slick as steemit's (IMHO). The preview here is far superior to the write up style of busy.
Other than that, I really like the visual setup better than here (giant thumbnails, for example), and separating users' resteems from top level posts makes seeing their original content so much easier.

You can find voting power, available bandwidth, and other important info on yourself or others via several referral links in the article HERE.


thank you so much for your comment!