I just noticed steemit.com is now #9955 in Global Ranking (breaking top-10,000)

in steemit •  2 years ago

According to alexa.com Steemit's Global Rank is now officially within the top-10,000.

The Global Rank is currently 9,955. 

This is +133,995 positions in 3 months.

According to the secondary stats, some countries are ranking even better:

US has 24.8% of the traffic and the site is ranked as 9,067th.

India has 9.4% of the traffic and the site is ranked as 7,995th. 

UK has 8.9% of the traffic and the site is ranked as 3,609th (wow!)

Germany has 7.6% of the traffic and the site is ranked as 5,047th

Canada has 3.4% of the traffic and the site is ranked as 6,269th

This is a pretty impressive uptrend given the beta nature of the site... It'll be interesting to see where we are in the next 3 months.

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Exponential growth curve...And were still just In our infancy/beta stage! Wow:)

thanks for the info cards

That is impressive growth.

Doing extremely well in the UK. I hope they will notice soon on fleet street.

That is Awesome!

Yeah! That's what I'm talking about. I was planning to put up my latest blog post on Steemit Alexa Ranking today. But I'm glad you gave an overview.


You can still do it, I think it's somewhat big news - perhaps worth repeating. With all the talk about price a lot of people kind of lost the larger picture which is one of growth.


I sure will. I was looking at the ranking yesterday and it was on the 10,1xx line and it was good news. One member here in Steemit was rather pessimistic when I said Steemit ranking will eventually be in the 10,xxx position. Now, it's even better.

Ive been check alexa and its defiantly been climbing. Steemit will be large soon enough! I followed you, see what my page is about I give a lot of Steem tips!!

I really appreciate your support bro. eyxaristw.

It's 299 in Panama! It will get harder to keep going up, but I think it's still gaining users. Need to get a big surge of recruitment


299? I wonder if it is some kind of sampling anomaly or real adoption due to steemit going viral in Panama...

Good too see the site is doing well all over, nice to see whats happens in a few months time

Great post!
Thanks for the info!

That's good news. Thanks for sharing it Alex

Pretty cool. Lets hope it gets into the top 1000 or even 100 soon!