Randowhale V.S. Booster...Who is worth it?

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Recently, a new whale voting bot has been released called "booster", a project by @inertia and @fyrstikken. @booster is a whale voting bot that you have to bid on, and how much you bid determines how much you get. The bids open every 2.4 hours. Ex: @Axe & @Bob both bid for the same voting batch. If @Axe bids 4 SBD and @Bob bids 2 SBD, @Axe will get 66.66% and @Bob 33% etc. ( @booster's explanation).

@rootingrobert says: "Booster is awesome! I sent 3SBD to booster and the potential payout of my latest Steemspeak guide got up from 8$ to almost 15$. With good timing, booster is perfect to make your post seen even more by other users and hence multipling the exposure, upvotes and payout! Try it out!"

@whatsup says: "While testing I upvoted two articles. Both "bids" generated a winning ROI.
It is great to see so many finding ways to build an economy on the blockchain!

Great work team @booster"

@kiddarko says : "I jumped in on the first test & it was both fun & exciting. I will likely be using this source often seeing as I did gain some steem with my investment. Thanks @fyrstikken"

Now, what about randowhale? @randowhale is a random whale vote that gives you a vote with a power of 1% to 5%. You only have to pay 2 sbd to get a random vote


@lukinsawyer says: "well that was the easiest $15 profit I ever made haha"

@trafalgar says: "haha interesting, don't know if it's good for the eco system as a whole, but it's inevitable given voting delegations
hopefully you'll favor the smaller posters"

@patrice says: "Have you considered how to prevent @randowhale from being abused by plagiarists, identity thieves, and other bad actors? Is there a way to report "bad" votes?"

So what do you guys think...Who is more worth it, @randowhale or @booster ? Leave thoughts in the comments below, and thanks to all of my supporters...You mean so much to me!

-I have hope for my life,family, and friends thanks to steemit-1 (1).png

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nice username


Thank you haha

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@randowhale it's really awesome I seen you always helps to other. Keep doing I know you will also get reward. Best of luck!!

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Randowhale is definatley a very good booster. However people will be glad to push anthing for an extra dollar right now


yes indeed

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damn my boi

I invested in both of them today. Randowhale made my posts really good so far. I haven't gotten anything from Booster yet let's see :)


yeah booster takes 2.4 hours to go through

Hope to catch this whale one day..