WAY more fair than Facebook slave labor! lol

Add this: Is Steemit fair?

No, it's not.

Very, very true.

Took me a bit to embrace that idea. Before that, I was merely writing everyday hoping for a break. Now I comment and get to know others.

Don't play fair in an unfair life to get ahead in life.

Disclaimer: Don't be an asshole.

That's my approach too, and I still stand firm behind the idea of commenting more than I post. I have learned so much in these few months that it's hard to imagine life without Steemit everyday.

Getting to know others helps build a stronger community and you find value in being on the site regularly, or at least I do!

Chicken and egg. Once you get higher rewards you'll definitely be posting more.

Yes, I can see where it would become addictive! It already is for me! I really enjoy the feeling I get from interacting with others here, unlike being on the mainstream social media websites.

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