8 Websites To Help You Improve Your Steemit Experience! 🤓♨️ Steemit Tips #1

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Hi Steemit Friends!

Upon first glance Steemit can be slightly overwhelming for a new user. With various different elements to the website like STEEM, STEEM POWER, Voting Power and SBD it is easy to get confused. The truth is that Steemit is a beautifully constructed fully transparent website with many tools to help you navigate on your journey to Steemit success!

Below, I have listed 8 websites/tools that you can use to dissect your Steemit profile/experience.

Use the following tools to:

  • Take a look at the Steemit community as a whole.
  • See where you stand in the Steemit Community.
  • Find out what your followers BEST respond to.
  • Refine your content to further ADD VALUE to your followers and the Steemit community.
  • Grow your account faster.

So, here we go!


alainite steem whales.PNG
I currently sit at approx 1550 most followed out of 123 231 accounts

Link: https://steemwhales.com/

Steem whales .com gives you an overview of the entire site's user base. With this tool you are able to see:

  • Who are the top Steemit Whales? (Account Value)
  • Who has the most followers on Steemit?
  • Where do I rank in the grand scheme of things?
  • Who are the trending authors?
  • What are others doing on Steemit to ensure accelerated growth?

This tool allows us to understand where we rank among all of the users on Steemit. I recommend using this tool to see who are the top authors and whales and what are they doing to ADD VALUE to the community.

What is your account rank? Use this tool and let me know in the comments below! :)


steemnow alainite.PNG
My voting power at 100% is currently $0.17

Link: https://steemnow.com/

Steem Now .com allows you to really dive into the details of you Steemit profile. Once you type in your users name you'll be able to answer all the questions you have about:

  • What is my voting power worth?
  • How much am I making on my daily Curation rewards?
  • How much am I making on my daily Author rewards?
  • Who has upvoted me?
  • How much have my latest posts earned?

I use this tool to get a quick overview of the impact my posts have made over the last week & which posts get me my best rewards and feedback. This tool will also help you gain insight into what types of posts are best appreciated by my followers in order to help you improve your content and add further value to the community.

What is your voting power? Use this tool and let me know in the comments below! :)


steem mvp alainite.PNG
@lilmayo and @x-p have given me the most votes to date :D Thanks guys!

Link: http://steemvp.com/

Steem MVP .com is a fantastic tool to see which users on Steemit have engaged with you THE MOST. When you enter in your username you'll be able to see things like:

  • Which users engage with your posts the MOST?
  • Which user has given me the most rewards?
  • Stats on your most recent posts.
  • The combined number of votes received on the posts.
  • How many unique voters have engaged with your content.
  • The total payout value of those posts.

This is a great tool to see who really cares about the content you post. You might be surprised at who has really been appreciating your content and maybe you'll be inspired to appreciate them a little bit more .

Who is your Steemit MVP? Use this tool and let me know in the comments below! :)


Image source: www.steemtools.com

Link: http://www.steem.supply

Here you'll be able to monitor your upcoming payments and see when you'll be receiving awards and approx how much the total of those rewards will be. It's great for visualising your success on Steemit. Have a looks at which days your retrieved the MOST rewards. What was it that you did on that day to receive so much? This information will allow you to see which content your audience is resonating with. With this site you'll be able to answer the questions:

  • How much am I earning?
  • When will i be receiving my earnings?

Have you got any rewards coming your way? Share your achievements in the comments below :D


steemd alainite home.PNG

Link: https://steemd.com

This site is an extremely powerful tool which allows us to see ALL the details about the Steemit community. For example, at the time of this post there are currently: 247,134 registered accounts on Steemit. Isn't that amazing? The Steemit community is still so small compared to giants like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, but already the community is EXTREMELY active. This site also shows you a most recent stream of Steemit posts in real time along with A LOT of detail about the cureent STEEM supply among other things. This website will help you answer questions like:

  • How many users are currently registered on Steemit?
  • What is the current virtual and circulating supply of STEEM?
  • What is the current Steemit reward fund? (This is where all the STEEM/SBD awards that we earn come from)

A bonus feature of this site is that you are also able to see more detail about your account!

steemd alainite.PNG
My most recent claim got me 0.953 SBD which I can convert to STEEM and then to STEEM power!

Link: https://steemd.com/@YOURUSERNAME

Using this feature on the site gives you highly in depth detail about your account. Once you insert your username into the URL you'll be able to answer questions like:

  • What is my current voting power?
  • Who has upvoted me?
  • Who has replied to me?
  • What are my current Vesting shares?
  • Are there any rewards waiting for me that I have yet to claim?

I check this tool daily just to give myself and overview of all the things happening with my account at a glance. I recommend you do the same!

What is your current voting power? Use this tool and let me know in the comments below! :)


steemdata alainite.PNG
From 10 000 to 22 000 daily active users in 1 month!

Link: https://steemdata.com/charts

This site is a great way to see how the Steemit community is progressing & growing. As of right now when I am writing this post there are:

  • 22 000 daily active users.
  • 15 953 daily posts.
  • 82 451 daily comments
  • 36 494 reputable daily comments. (not just users spamming "follow for follow")
  • 301 new accounts created yesterday.
  • $379,484,944/150,090 BTC total market cap

I find these stats very exciting as it shows major growth for Steemit. The number of daily active users has more than DOUBLED in the last month and the rest of the stats seem to be following the same trends. On day there were even 5000 new accounts created. That's an incredible milestone!

What is the current STEEM Market Cap? Check out the website and let me know in the comments! :)


steemspot alainite.PNG
I'm one of only 2 Steemians who have registered on this tool in South Africa.

This is a super fun tool which lets you see who is Steeming around you and the world! For me, there are very few people registered on this site in South Africa. I am only 1 of 2 users!

But I have noticed a bunch of South African users in the last week (Not from this tool, but by visiting the South Africa and South African Substeemits)

Here are a few of the local South African Steemers I have had the privilege of engaging with.
Follow them for AWESOME CONTENT and great vibes:

@Kiligirl - A local Steemian I met in the South African subreddit. she's been on Steemit for almost a year!
@Gavvet - Steemit veteran and educator with a passion for African history. Been on Steemit for over a year!
@Jakeh - A good friend of mine and programming genius who I introduced to Steemit.
@Daverishh - A good friend of mine and an amazing Audio Engineer who I introduced to Steemit.
@MorkRock - A friend I met before joining Steemit, and found him by chance :D
@Memestoanend - The guitarist in my band and friend I introduced to Steemit
@SeanBoulanger - A colleague, friend and social media genius who I introduced to Steemit.
@Emmahessen - A colleague, friend and social media genius who I introduced to Steemit.

Where are you geo-located? Let me know in the comments below! :)


steem tools alainite.PNG
The hard working folks making the tools that we use!

Link: http://steemtools.com/

Here is where you'll be able to find even more tools to help you improve you Steemit experience! This site lists all different types of apps, programs, tools, bots and more!

What Steemit tools will you be taking advantage of? Let me know in the comments below! :)

And that is it for now! These are the 8 websites that help me dig deeper into the inner workings of Steemit to help me analyse the data behind my content so I may further improve my efforts of serving the Steemit community :D

Here is a bit of a "Spot test". Use the tools listed above to answer the following questions in the comments below:

  1. What is your account rank?
  2. Who is your Steemit MVP?
  3. Have you got any rewards coming your way?
  4. What is your current voting power?
  5. How many daily active users do you currently see on Steemit?
  6. What is the current STEEM Market Cap?
  7. Where are you geo-located?
  8. What Steemit tools will you be taking advantage of?

Thank you for reading! Have a great day further :)

Special shout-out to @jerrybanfield, @sweetsssj & @boxmining for the recent follows! <3

If this article helped you would you please: Upvote, Comment and Resteem. Loads more content to come :D

Lots of love

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Helpful post. I didn't even know there were tools like that for Steemit.


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