Can steemit be the future’s monopolist Platforms (social page)?

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Currently steemit is one of the most popular platform and every single day thousands of new members are joining this platform. Steemit’s world-wide popularity is increasing. This platform was launched in 2016. Even though the platform started last year, steemit has already succeeded to penetrate in the global market. The question is, in the short term how did they do that? How did they successfully become a large community? What’s their secret? What’s their strategy? Let’s look and consider all those questions and answers

The Last 15 years all over the world exist different social pages such as: facebook,, Instagram, vkontakte, etc. every one of them has several functions and features but lately all the social pages features have become very similar to each other. I would like to tell all the social pages pros and cons. Because of social pages, for the first time in human history, we could communicate with each other so easy, simply and free. We’ve been sharing our photos, posts and feelings for the past fifteen years. But simultaneously we have become very addicted to social pages, the majority of the users are wasting their valuable time pointlessly. And all of the social pages just work for themselves. They don’t share or give us anything I mean the tangible things. I would say that their strategy is win-lose, they are winners, we are losers because we don’t earn or gain any profit from those social pages we just use the social pages and waste of our time for nothing.


But since last year many things that have started changed. Because of Steemit We are not just losers anymore. We are also winners. The steemit is a completely different platform. While we are sharing, posting and recommending in this platform we are also working for ourselves. And we are spending our time also for our own interest. The steemit’s strategy is a win-win situation, that’s why I am thinking that in the future, the steemit will become one of the largest and most monopolist platforms. Because in this platform not only creators gain profit at the same time users also would work for themselves. Both sides are winners. The main reason: Steemit’s motivation and encouraging resource is money. Let us consider it, if you could earn through your posts and recommendations, you would try to do your best. While you are doing all those things, I don’t think that you will have enough time for using other social pages and additionally you don’t have any profit from those pages. And slowly, slowly people would prefer to use steemit.

It might be premature for me to assume that steemit is the best proposal at this time. I feel that the majority of users don’t agree with me now, I sometimes doubt myself, but I would like to know your feelings about steemit’s future. What is your opinion on this context. Please share and let me know your point of view.


Thanks for your post. That was a good topic. First who use steemit. Main users are blockchain(bitcoin) enthusiasts. Billions of people don't understand how blockchain works. So it's early to say ''steemit will be very popular''. Second, it's not dollar we use everyday life. Steemit pays with steem(STEEM) and steem dollar(SBD). People don't know how to convert fiat currency. Some counties the haven't cryptocurrency exchanges. Conclusion it's very early to say ''steemit will a e monopolist''.

Dear @laythefavorite thanks a lot for your comments. In the topic I especially highlight that it might be premature for now and you're right nowadays many people dont know about steemit and how to use it but I think this progress is tempory. in the future I feel people will learn about it and how to use it.

I hope lots of people will use then we benefit too... :)

I certainly agree. I have been writing on Medium and Facebook in long format for a while, just to get ideas out of my head and start discussions. Sure I can get likes but a lot of the people in the discussion are in an echo chamber. Too many with the same beliefs or view points is comfortable but at the same time it doesn't open up the discussion to different views.

With Steemit I've definitely had some great discussions, gotten many viewpoints and made new friends.

that's right! I think steemit is excellent platform and it has given us huge opportunity. We have to consider that opportunity

I don't even like writing. But now I am trying my best to do some good job. Especially myself :)

I completely agree, nice one man, upvoted and followed...

Thanks a lot for your comment @jazminmillion. Additionally put all those photos on steemit was very right decision

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