Is the CORNchallenge a better idea? than attempting to trade during a bubble crash?

in steemit •  last year

What brings up this topic?
But it seemed like such a good idea at first
Don't be Surprised folks haha (read on theres an actual here...)

-Well Last weeks crash was somewhat predicted after the massive climb Ethereum had been climbing.
-Personally i relized how up my initial investments were better to pull some out and see how far its going crash in hope to make some gains...

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 2.07.31 PM.png

-Ether drops from $411 down to $200 (excluding the unpredicted FLASH crash, which was corrected fast)
Wishful thinking i sold some coin at around $365 pretty excited to buy back at the lower rates.
-Sure enough overtime there is a crash the high volume of sales or buys seems to freeze up the system. But these freezes should last more than a few minutes? hours at longest?
-How come this last drop froze most buys or sales for almost a day???? AM i wrong to think that this is controlled and wrong???

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 2.07.10 PM.png

When i knew the crash was coming so i sold, and ready to buy back at the $205 or whatever it was but COINBASE and Poloniex wouldn't allow BUYS... i was pretty bummed i wasn't able to get back in until a much higher rate? I still turned a profit so I'm happy with my trade.

-MY BIGGEST question???
Why would they EVER freeze BUYS? i can understand too many SELLS too quickly could crash the market, but BUYS are only going to make the market stronger! If anything they should always allow Buys and delay sales?

APOLOGIZE i have only been into Cryptos since January, so by no means am i an expert Still learning and STEEMIT seems
like a great place to educate myself? Thx in advance for the entertainment :)

IT JUST SEEMED like such a GOOD idea at the time!
Smile more life is GOOD :D

(u know that Corn video is funny enough for at least 1upvote)

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There ya go! There's your corn up-vote. lol


YESSSSSS i knew someone else out there loves Corn as much as me :) gracias amigo

Waitttt...this is a hilarious comparison!! I can't believe that guy lost his teeth!! 😂👌🏽

When the dude realizes he lost his front teeth for a piece of corn... good stuff :)
I think the freeze up may have also had to do with all of the huge ICOs happening that have involved Ethereum this past week. Nearly every ICO had reports of backlogging and failed transactions are pretty much guaranteed.
Have you tried out any other exchanges besides coinbase?
I've been looking into decentralized exchanges lately and learning how they can be a better option.


Im looking at switching over to GEMINI... what are yalls favorite exchange? Im interested in something i can purchase w/ US$ if possible... but either way always thx any shared info... always trying to learn where i can:)

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