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SteemIt is a place for everyone, going through the community we can see different writing styles, contexts, quality levels etc. The 5 types of posters that dominate right now,

1. The Crypto Bloggers

The popular bunch on are the Crypto bloggers, whether it's news, ways to mine currency or relating ideas and guides related to Steem, these posts are always the trendiest in the community.

2. The Travel Bloggers

Travel bloggers are the ones posting awesome content right now, content rich in imagery and words, there are couple of blogs from several users who explore the world.

3. Professional Bloggers

We can tell from the writing and flow of posts if we are in the midst of a gifted blogging professional. Their overall blog has character and each post gives us their character progression.

4. The Thinking Writers

Life, Philosophy and Personal Thoughts are the main topics of these users, they accumulate knowledge reading books on psychology, philosophy and society and think of concepts that aid in living.

5. The Photo generation

Some users like to communicate with less words but with more imagery, we will find a bunch of these users in the photography section.

Did you find any other type of user? I am a mix of all of the above, what about you?

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