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Something I had wondered ever since I joined Steemit was how much my upvote was worth. Sites like and Steemnow show our upvote values, but they only show two decimal places, and my upvote value simply shows as $0.00. Does it mean it has no value at all? Not really. If only there were more decimal places, it would be possible to have an idea of the actual value, but since there aren't, I had just assumed it was greater than $0.00 and less than $0.01.

Some time after I joined Steemit, when STEEM and SBD were worth around $3 USD, I had used Steemnow's upvote calculator to try to find out how much SP I would need to be able to give $0.01 upvotes. I had entered different SP values, and the result showed as $0.01 at around 25 SP. However, thanks to this comment by @davemccoy, I learned that this result is wrong! The problem is that the system rounds the values up before displaying them, and the number that's displayed may be quite misleading, especially to small users.

  • If your vote is worth less than $0.005, it'll display as $0.00.
  • But if it's in the range of $0.005 to $0.009, it'll already display as $0.01! This means that even if your vote value shows as $0.01, it may not even be worth $0.01 yet! In fact, this means that the 25 SP example mentioned earlier (when the calculator started showing the upvote value as $0.01) should have given an upvote closer to $0.005 (half of the value that's displayed!).
  • This rounding-up can also be very misleading when people want to reward their commenters and upvote at $0.02 (because posts/comments below the "dust threshold" of $0.02 don't pay out), but the websites keep rounding up numbers from 1.015 to 1.019 and displaying them as 0.02. This leads people to think they're handing out 0.02 upvotes when in fact the votes may be in the range of 0.015 to 0.019. If the comment doesn't get any more upvotes (this is valid for posts too, but is more common for comments because they don't get as much visibility and as many upvotes as posts), the rewards just won't pay out at all and the votes will simply be thrown away.

$0.005 may not mean much to big users' upvote values, but to small users, it makes a huge difference. As a matter of fact, now that STEEM and SBD prices have plummeted to less than 1 USD, I have reached 30.942 SP and my upvote is currently worth only $0.0018. How do I know this?

Enter SteemWorld! is your one-stop tool for your STEEM account info needs. It shows:

  • Your voting power, your upvote value, and how much your vote would be worth at different percentages of voting power. You can also simulate an amount of SP, and check how much your vote would be worth if you had that amount of SP.
  • The voting weight percentage and the value of other people's upvotes to your posts and comments.
  • Your account balance (STEEM, SP, SBD, the savings account).
  • SP delegations (given and received). It also has a friendly interface to help you delegate SP to others.
  • How much of a post's payout goes to the author and how much goes to the curators.
  • Your pending author and curation rewards.
  • All your followers, and who recently began following you.
  • Which posts and comments have mentioned your username.
  • Current STEEM and SBD values in the internal and external markets.
  • STEEM/SBD transfer history, also with a search function.
  • And much more.

Another feature I like is that SteemWorld also allows upvoting posts and comments at any percentage. In my particular case, this is the only way I can cast manual upvotes at less than 100% weight while the accessibility problems that prevent me from voting from aren't solved.

SteemWorld is a very useful tool, and has earned a permanent open tab in my browser. Even more impressive is that it's a one-man work. I contacted @steemchiller (the creator of SteemWorld) and pointed out some accessibility issues, which he fixed promptly. I was a happy user before, and became even happier after that! If you haven't checked SteemWorld out yet, you can do so by visiting:

Replace "username" by the user you want to view info on (it can be your own or someone else's). For example, for my user, it would be:

And recently, SteemWorld has gotten a new feature. Displaying amounts with more than two decimal places! This includes other people's upvotes to your post, and of course your own upvote value. To activate this feature, go to the "Settings" tab, then to "View" and change the "Decimal Places" option depending on how much precision you want. Possible values range from 2 (the way amounts are displayed in every other website) to 5. Done!

Below is a screenshot of the page about my user at SteemWorld showing my upvote value and my latest posts' pending payouts with four decimal places:


While there's still some rounding-up, numbers beyond five decimal places should be small enough that it won't matter. And now we can have a much better idea of our upvote values!

Thank you for reading! This post is participating in @qurator's Toss Up Thursday contest, whose prize is a month of bigger upvotes. If you are also a member of @qurator, and if you liked my post and would like to support me, please upvote the comment with my entry (only upvotes from Qurator members count). The vote value doesn't matter (it can even be a minimal 1% upvote as long as it's from a Qurator member).

If you aren't a Qurator member and would like to support me, another way is to upvote the post on this link where I'm trying to gather STEEM/SBD to buy a Steem Monsters starter pack (spoiler, the goal is $5 USD, and is very far from being reached...). All upvotes are much appreciated!

Thank you!

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Oh, I've never used Steempeak. I just visited it quickly to check the interface out, and it seemed to have the same kind of accessibility problems as Because of this, I didn't even try to use it.

cat@cerebro:~/Documents/steemUX/commands$ ./wurdamoney.sh0 rudyardcatling

@rudyardcatling knows how to decimalize it to the bone ... (that was 0.064 two nights ago and two nights ago was the same as 300 steem power ago btw ... but no matter what, KEEP ON STEEMING)

you won 4th at @maahes btw ... a vote by @minnowhelper-1 (for what that's worth hahah, but more than sending 0.001 sbd, they slowly get automated, when done it will pick only 3 winners and always vote on the most recent post)

THANK YOU for your participation and perseverance despite the onslaught @aiyumi
(just had to ... you know i usually don't comment but i feel sometimes, most of the time people dont even give it a thought or check if they've won ... and mistakes can be made without feedback but i try to check up)

see you !


@rudyardcatling knows how to decimalize it to the bone

I had known you knew, from the "ubasti 100 % vote is worth" bit (though that doesn't have as many decimal places :P ). I briefly wondered about the script, but never mind.

Thank you for dropping by and checking up! I had been forgetting to check up and participate more often haha. Looks like the new upvote raffles thing works well.

At the moment, SteemWorld is showing the vote I got from Minnowhelper1 as 0.0049, which is way more than my own upvote value. Not too shabby. Well actually it is, but whatever. For me, it was good enough :D .


hahah, well i'm glad you like it, it will keep running no matter the price and the @maahes votes from bots are probably worth more than @ubasti , it's three different flavours really.
normally (well last week the vote was around 0.008 and a week or two before it was 0.01. It's horrible what they're doing to the price at the moment, its like only millionnaires are allowed to play. After i get @maahes auto i'm going to start thinking on @tyrnannoght, which (as a side-effect, not as the main goal) should also have an option to make plankton votes worth something (over time) but i dont wanna spill the beans on something i dont have yet hahah :)

thanks for participating, the prizes have upped because someone regularly drops in a higher vote and declined payment on all three so its possible to get and 0.02 by authorsleague or on a good day maybe an 0.05 , or @sakhmet i have had prize up to 0.04 almost ... but its goodwill, there's no agreement so take it while it lasts hahah

thanks a lot ! ! ! ! !

perl-girl , right ? do you like fish ? i like banana fish :p


Well that wasn't any fun. I found out my vote, that once was 0.04, is now at 0.0095 :/ I liked it better when it said 0.01, lol! Pixie dust! I can't even selfie vote anymore. Thanks for the info; Steemworld is awesome!

Excellent post, this tip helped a lot. Thank you.

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