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Good day to all steemians and the hawk in the house.


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Many times we begin to look inward and outward to sense what can we do best in our little capacity as an individual but we find it difficult in some areas we think the solution should have comes from.

This simple statement above is genuine in some aspect of our lives and it also due to some factors which I will need to open our eyes to this moment.

Many minnows believe so much in curation but do this work when the post is presented? What of the post-promotion corner in many discord channels do we belong to what is the benefit of dropping a post on all these channels?

Firstly, what is curation? From my little understanding, curation is a process of sorting through the vast amount of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and well-organized way.

Knowing this information we need to know that as minnows what will make post meaningful to the reader is a determinant of presentation. Your presentation goes along to affect who visit your post.

Secondly, Where do you belong? There is a saying Bird of the same feather flocks together and like I use to say it is your understanding that determines your stand. When you mingle with people of like mind that has a selfless mind you will grow with such community and they will open your eyes to many opportunities out there that can be of benefit to you.

I will not sing the praise of any community but I want all minnow to know that there are communities creating an avenue for minnows to grow together and reach the top.

Airhawk-project understands on the steemit platform there are rules attached to curation by a community. We need the knowledge to go far it at all we want growth, this is not only on steemit information but in every area of our lives.

There are many things to submit right here but I wish you minnows can find you way to airhawk-project discord and get some little tips for success and grow together with fellow minnows.

Do you have questions bordering you or Are you frustrated already on the platform? Kindly join us and enjoy the power of teamwork.

Here is the airhawk-project on discord click 👌

Thanks for reading this small piece.

Yours Sincerely,

Engr. Samest.

One Love 💙

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Belonging to a good community has a role to play in one's growth here on steemit. Finding the right group/community helps a lot. So far, i think airhawk is not a bad place to be. Great post


Finding the right circle is a vital step towards success because at the end of the day, you are either stagnant with the people around you or you are falling with them and in the positive way you grow together with them.
This for me is a reminder of the fact that i need to find myself around the right people in order to succeed not just on steemit but in life generally.

Yes o. I must confess discord channels make steemit easier. And airhawk Is a great place to be. I meet great minds. The network I've gained there and the knowledge.... Plus the giveaways are priceless.

One of the fastest way to grow as a minnow is to be part of a good community.

Working smart with teamwork beats just hardwork all day.

Nice up date

It's great you are helping like you do and take the time to mentor...

Dear friend, you do not appear to be following @wafrica. Follow @wafrica to get a valuable upvote on your quality post!

@Samest thanks for all your help A+