Officially Introducing airhawk-exchange self-assist web-page

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Hello and welcome to another beautiful month February, today being the 1st of February, we saw it fit to officially introduce airhwak exchange webpage.


Login Airhwakexchange website

Hello beautiful people and wonderful steemians. This is @dreamchasser

I'm here to give you an update on our exchange platform @airhawk-exchange airhawk-exchange, which was built on telegram and launched it's website today. As many of you now know and as introduced in our post Airhawk-project SDB/STEEM Exchange; Adding value to Steemits communities , the purpose for which the platform was started, I am happy to bring to you a review of the activities on-goings with the platform from the time of announcement.

We are glad to say that we have recorded a significant progress in the affairs of the exchange with majority of our plans coming to fruition, with the launch of our website AIRHAWK-EXCHANGE


In the introductory post, we talked about trust being a factor for which you can choose to deal with us. We are happy to say that we have built much trust such that sellers now feel very free to send their assets to @airhawk-project even before the deal is established. This is as a result of previous transactions which have experienced successful executions.

As a result of the above, we have experienced an increase in the number of participants in the group as airhawk-exchange now serves as the main; if not the only hub for quick exchange of sbd/steem to fiat (local currency).

We are envisaging a spike in this number of buyers especially with the unending spike in the transaction charges taken for bitcoin transactions most recently.

This dream is what we have already seen materializing and as we can now start using the website which may spike the prices of these assets (a big dream that is). This is to say we are looking forward to many steemians who wish to exchange their SBD/steem that they are welcome and we have been waiting for those SBDs and steem even before they earn them.

Visit Us in telegram

Thanks for being part of this great project

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So, we have been working on this for quite some time now, a way to better help the masses and fasten transaction rate between buyers and sellers.

We at team airhawk been having a lot of transactions going on via our official telegram channel and exchange room to be certain, although we might have experience some challenges but still we moved forward and try to make transactions easier as possible.

If you are yet to fully understand what airhawk exchange does, we help to facilitate transactions between sellers and buyer, us being a middleman escrow.

Steem or sbd is sent to our escrow account @airhawk-exchange and a transaction is initiated between buyer and seller, the price is given and a agreement is done, upon paying the seller in fiat, the seller signals the escrow to release fund to buyer.

Easy right?

But let’s take it a little further

A situation, where a price as already been put in place by any party and a buy order already made, all you must do is confirm and send the desired amount and your money will be sent to you instantly, no need for confirmation, a 24/7 customer service ready to assist when the need be and a fast and secure page.

With this it saves you time for arguing about a price, it removes any room for a change in price to either favor the seller and buyer instantly, and it removes all form of monopoly from the market, as we have many buyers already available and a buy order has been placed.


At Airhawkexchange, you can buy/sell STEEM/SBD directly to other people. This is called P2P (peer to peer) payment network.


Go to put your e-mail and click on submit.


Check your mail for airhawkexchange notification and click on the dashboard link sent to you.


On your dashboard, you will have to fill a verification form. Fill in your correct information’s and provide a valid identity document. E.g. international passport, driver’s license, voters card or a national ID.


Click on submit and wait for your document to be approved by airhawk exchange.


Login to your airhawkexchange account, on the top right menu you will see BUYERS/SELLERS click on sellers. Below are the rate at which sellers are willing to sell their STEEM/SBD to the buyers.

Once you find a deal you like, start a trade with the seller by clicking on BUY.

Type the quantity of STEEM/SBD you want to buy.

The seller bank details will appear with the sum you are to pay.

Once payment is made and verified by the seller, STEEM/SBD will be released to your wallet.

Transaction fee - a buyer is charge 0.015 on every trade.


Login to your airhawk exchange account and click my account

Transfer desirable amount of STEEM/SBD you want to sell to @airhawk-exchange steemit account from your steemit wallet with the unique memo generated on your dashboard.

complete the fund your wallet form with the same amount of STEEM/SBD you transfered to airhawk-exchange.

Once transfer is confirmed on airhawk-exchange, STEEM/SBD will reflect on your airhawkexchange wallet for you to place a sell order.

To sell, create an advertisement, click on sell, the ratio(amount you are willing to sell 1STEEM/SBD) and the quantity you want to sell then submit.

Sellers can now check for their advertisement on the sell trades homepage.

Once there is a buyer, sellers get a notification via e-mail.

Immediately sellers confirmed the buyer’s payment, and the seller click on verified STEEM/SBD will be released to the buyer.


Login to your airhawkexchange account, click on the drop down on the top left corner.

Click on advertisement and disable whichever ads you desire to.

@airhawk-exchange come join us today for safe and secure transaction.



Remember you can always reach us via TELEGRAM for more Info


Trading on @airhawk-exchange telegram for the past few months has made remittances to friends and family in Nigeria easy, fraud and scam free. I'll recommend @airhawk-exchange to as many as I can. Kudos to the team for this project!!!

@maryfavour, founder of @redfishpillar project & initiator of @steem-serbia.

hello mama @maryfavour We thank you from the bottom of our heart for taking part in this project and helping it become a reality.

Wow, just hearing about this project for the first time. Great project. Good job.

I am a newbie on steemit. Please, fellow Nigerians and all steemians across the globe, I reside in Port Harcourt(Nigeria). I am appealing for follwership and upvotes on posts @amanze-trillion. Please any advise on how to help me grow, I am humble, submissive and willing to follow you all and learn.

Great job. Airhawk taking a new dimension

Waoh! Am so happy to read this because I have been a good customer on airhawk-project and I can give my 100% words of trust...

I will surely go try this because i believe this will also be users friendly just as the telegram page is...

Thanks to @dreamchasers for this great idea...

hello @bekky thank you for your continued support

My pleasure...

Wow this is just awesome. This exchange has grown far and wide.
Over 19 million naira exchanged so far with ZERO record of scam. I'm proud to be a part of this.

We pride ourselves on building the MOST TRUSTED, SECURE AND RELIABLE platform where traders can trade without the fear of been duped. thank you for being part of the team.

"being scam free" - that normally translates to say, 1% or so. being at zero is an achievement paralleled probably only by the Dubbawala's of Mumbai/Bombay in India and nothing else.

Seems we were cut from the same cloth with the Dubbawala's of Mumbai/Bombay in
It's really a great achievement

I'm so happy, finally we can do our transaction easier better that is devoid of thieves. Weldone and kudos!

thank you @eugenecr7 for your continued support

Amazing move... Steem and sbd Transactions just got easier , 👏 👏 👏 👏

yes just got easier thank you @onyechi for your continued support

Very proud of the initiative taken by your team to implement an exchange pair of SBD or Steem/(Local Currency).

You have my full support ! Words can't express my delight. I wish you all, great success!

Thank you for your confidence in us, and for your support for this project. I'm confident that you're going to be pleased with more results and what we intend doing.

awon ole have kidnapp my spot 😡 😡 😡 i dey come una house but airhawk-project all the way, your powers are strong. lol last 30 to ccmmt

thank u for your continued support @marshalllife

as long as the man is my guild, supporting na small thing.

Wow, this is great...
What i like most is that the site is created in a comprehensive way, easily understandable..
I cant wait to start trading my coins...
Thanks to airhawk-project for this great exchange site..

thank you for your continued support @endee

It's So great

wow am happy for this good added innovation. Selling of sbd and steem has gone beyond trading it on telegram alone. Keep the good work

Welcome our great exchange services

this is the real thing... oya guys start bringing your steem and sbd... dancing dancing... airhawk na the man wey sabi..

Nice platform indeed
Transactions made simple and easy

Wow, I love this concept, you guys are really improving.

Registered and set to involve. Been doing business with airhawk-project and I have not had reason to regret. Nice one.

This is amazing. Reteemed

This awesome and amazing. All thanks to the team putting this together

You guys are the best.

Wow this is an amazing initiative and I am really excited about this. Nice one guys, nice one.

What a great website!
Me I'm well known for using their service and I do enjoy them.
I even disturb them self...

What are we now saying...

Carry go jhur!

This is awesome. Airhawk-exchange has really taken a big step further in adding value to steemit community with their smart and efficient service.

thats a welcome development.... kudus!!!

This is what have been waiting for since all this while... God bless airhawk-project for this exchange site.

thank you for your continued support @fr3world

Great blog ... hopefully I can more advice with you

Airhawk exchange is a great concept its gonna truly revolutionize the steem experience...

Great work...
We are going places

@Airhawk-project I'm so glad you created a great platform for transaction of sbd/steem.
Its now a stone throw BTW buyers and sellers

Airhawk is a truthful project. I had a successful transaction through their whatsapp group, i will make sure i visit your website

Awesome.. Nice job

I think this is the greatest spot light for good trade, thanks so much for the head up and for this wonderful idea
I sincerely appreciate This so much 😍😍

So happy to see this new site. We've been enjoying airhawk exchange for a while through the whatsapp and telegram channels. Trustworthy, convenient, fast and easy to use. Thanks for being their for us against falling to fraudsters and scammers.

Check my review about airhawk exchange here

Its mindblowing seeing how far this project has gone.i hve personally benefited from this platform. Keep up the good work guys

Wow finally it has come to be.
Glory to God

Yaaayyyy,it is here finally. Exchange now made easy and free from from scammers. This is a nice one

@Airhawk-project this is beautiful in our sight

Excellent move, very on point. please sbd deals just easier for me. Thank you, @airhawk-exchange

I love this, birth of a new era.


Very brilliant idea.

Keep it up

Trading sbd and steem just got easier

Wow...this is amazing! I cant wait to start biz with you. Great job guys!!!!

I am quite new on this platform

Great seeing a nigeria exchange site

Can i get the telegram group link ?

Oya dab for the bosses

Nah we get here
Dey no fit do anything

I would be
Chairman of the AirhawkExchange Buyers

Honourable Bcrafts

This is a great concept. I really appreciate and I am fascinated with the ingenious of the team. However, I have some reservations concerning the fees, (0.015) although very small, but will that make it more attractive than other existing sbd/naira medium?. Is the transaction fee in naira or percentage? Also, how easy it is to place the advert. These are my prejudice and it is mainly to allow the website to be great and stand all competitions.

Thank you for your time and cntinue support. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing recommending strategies. Your advice was very helpful and gives a new perspective. This is the low-fee approach, we actually offer a very low fee to help facilitate the exchange, we are providing superior service compared to any other and thats where the attractiveness comes from, the fee is charged in percentage, placing an advert is easy as falling off a log, all u have to do is to log in to your dashboard an create a sell or buy adverts.

I am CTO of a barter platform with 17+ years of technical experience & exposure to financial systems. This has seriously blown me out. To tell the truth, the idea is so simple and elegant that I am jealous. This is going to change the world and how things are done in the world. I must also say that the true potential of decentralized systems is this and how easy and elegant its to change things now. Until now I was thinking that databases, CDNs etc were the first to go, but this is killing western-union, paypal, xoom, stripe and everything else!! hats off to pulling off this idea.

[thanking @geetasnani for asking me to check out the project!]

You are welcome. Your experience will be appreciated in any form.

Been a while I know @airhawk-exchange now, I do change sbd/steem to naira there and ever seen I have been doing this on the telegram platform I have never regret using as my trading escrow. This website is part of good sign that we are moving forward hehehehe, steem to naira made easier by using @airhawk-exchange...
Sky is our beginning 🤓

Im glad to be part of this very project which is enriching lives and empowering the advancement of #steemit.
May we continue to make a giant stride

Thank you sir for sharing on steem i like your post and i resteem your post keep it up thank you

I am new in steem i will like to be identified with airhawk and to do business with them.please how can i reach airhawk. @thomasama

This is our telegram link, download Telegram from playstore and go through the above link it should safely take you to us.

Patiently and hopefully waiting for your arrival steem-on

thanks for the update I always for forward for these post of your Learning, building and writing By the way, stealing that Playlist..... Thanks Sir For Your information i will Always Connected with You for Your great Posts 😊😊

Congrats @airhawk-exchange
We hope to get more services from you. Thank you.

wow...dear @airhawk-exchange your post is a beautiful....Amazing move... Steem and sbd Transactions just got easier......♥♠♥♠…

Great innovation! I am happy to be part of this. More power to your elbow @dreamchaser, long live steemit, long live airhawk-exchange!

thank you very much for a nice introduction

Airhawk keeps on flying since herds men no allow am land again, you guys started from the sky so getting to the moon wont take time

Great project.

Yea I like that @airhawk-exchange is finally growing bigger, better and easier.
The best about this new reformation is that it decentralized the market thus removing monopoly from either the sellers or buyers. But I have some concern involving the verification of identity, isn't it best that as long as transactions are successful at both end then there is no need for verification.

verification brings about Trust, so I think it is needed here

Finally, it;s officially lunch on a website interface. I look forward to believe this project will grow to other countries too for easy exchance

Wow. This is great

I started using airhawk exhchange room on telegraph ever since have been claiming reward on steemit and It has always been easy for steemian that want to buy or sell steem and sbd, scam free.
Am happy to hear that they are moving forward.
New year, new system.

This is an awesome project and is needed for its ease of converting SBD/STEEM to fiat. Kudos team✌️👍

You said a buyer would be charged 0.015, is it in SBD or STEEM?

This should be which ever coin the user is willing to buy at that particular time, as the 0.015 is per every transaction.

So basically if I am purchasing steem, there will be deduction of 0.015 and same thing happens if am dealing on sbd

Thanks a lot.

Exchanges I have carried out so far on your Telegram group was smooth and flawless, Therefore I have no fear trading on your website.

Wow, just hearing about this project for the first time. Great project. Good job.

I am a newbie on steemit. Please, fellow Nigerians and all steemians across the globe, I reside in Port Harcourt(Nigeria). I am appealing for follwership and upvotes on posts @amanze-trillion. Please any advise on how to help me grow, I am humble, submissive and willing to follow you all and learn.

I strongly believe we would steem up all the African nations as well as the entire world.

no no this wont do, first stop asking/begging for followers

second comment on other steemians post and pls dont add follow for follow back

Join communities like Airhawk

and do participate in contest you could win sbd/steem as well.

Do have a nice time and welcome to steemit

Very nice blog ever, I love it.

You got me at escrow. Well, I'm new and still patiently waiting to earn enough SBD. However, I'll be joing your telegram group pending.

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