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My dear Steemians, ‘The Perspiration Art’, depicts the human lifestyle, that toil and perspire to live, but still enjoy the colorful ups and downs of living on this beautiful world! The experiences of life makes life colorful! The extreme feelings can only be experience through these! So, look at the brighter side of life always, the down part is just temporary, the bright part always overcomes! ‘Til then!

Discord channel https://discordapp.com/invite/uuTxHcC

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Lovely designs mama, its been a long time ma.

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Hi emekasegun! How are you? Thanks for dropping by! Do you still discord? Please do! Thanks for liking my design!


Of cos ma, am still on discord with the same username and id emekasegun#6453.
Really good to see again ma

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It really is a beautiful design, very colorful and shows your creativity.


Thanks jdbs! Come and join us at steemschools!

Really appreciate.
I like it.

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