SteemSchools ‘Summer Drink’ Challenge!’ 7 days, 3 sbd, 4th Day! — Steemit

SteemSchools ‘Summer Drink’ Challenge!’ 7 days, 3 sbd, 4th Day!

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Another Challenge for you my dear Steemians! A Concoction of a ‘Summer Drink’! You can do it! Think of all the fruits and any exotic Concoction you can think of! Or you can fetch recipes with picture, but be sure to credit source!


  • Place your Summer Drink Concoction and photo, in comment at:, at challenge-competition
  • Resteem this post!
  • No limit of entries! You can send as many entries you want!
  • Bring your friends to vote, follow me & resteem. The most number of votes WINS!

Thank you for your participation!

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Sorry to say that i have never seen in steemschool channel announcing any winner yet


Not yet! This is just the 4th day! But thanks for following!


there are a lot of other challenges there running for a while but never saw any winner


Saludos el post lo paso por donde ?