First Ever ICO in Pakistan

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First Ever ICO in Pakistan


hi everyone. here is something about ICO.. PAKISTAN tv host Waqar Zaka..
i'm glad to see his success !
here we start...
Since December 2017 the universe of crypto has taken a gigantic turn, many coins raised from fiery remains to moon with in simply couple of days and the market has been improved upto 100%. Because of this shock the vast majority of the trusted trades has ceased new enrollments.

here is waqar zaka's picture


Waqar Zaka is a TV Host who is well known for his own one of a kind show called "Living on The Edge". He has scored record-breaking high evaluations with this stunning show and individuals all around the world knows him extremely well. He has been attempting to instruct individuals about square chain innovation for a long time yet individuals used to called it a poncy conspire yet as the market became many begun have faith in what he has been stating for a considerable length of time.

Following quite a while of work and broad research Waqar Zaka has at last propelled ICO for his own special coin called " OuiCoin". He has outlined this innovation so even the ones who have low measure of money can get into this amusement and undercover their interest in immense measure of benefits.

This is the first occasion when that any Pakistani Celebrity has ever made something like this. As the greater part of the big names simply think about profiting yet Waqar is the main individual who has been endeavoring to get individuals in the session of crypto for quite a long time so everybody can receive benefits in return.
thanks for reading.. have a nice day !!


First Ever pakistani cryptocurrency is PakCoin :)
1 pakcoin = $0.024482

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