Chicken Pastry with spinach

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  • Garlic: 3 tbsp (mashed)
  • spinach: 2 cups (minced, washed and simulated)
  • Chicken fillet: 2 chest (boiled and chopped cubes small)
  • Pesto sauce: 2 tbsp (ready / optional)
  • Vita cheese: a quarter cup (entrapped)
  • Pastry pastry paste: a package (square shape)

How to prepare

  1. Mix garlic and boiled chicken in a bowl.

  2. Mix spinach and pesto with chicken.

  3. Bezel the dough boxes on the surface of sprinkled flour.

  4. Mix the chicken mixture in the squares.

  5. Divide the amount of feta cheese.

  6. Pour the dough into squares.

  7. Place the pancakes in a tray and place in the oven for 20 minutes at 180 ° C until browned and cooked.

  8. Bring her hot side dish of salads.