My opinion on steemit (Next Big Thing)

in #steemit7 years ago (edited)

I’m currently using steem, more than facebook. Its really great idea. Steem have power to unseat the social media king facebook. Still lot lags when compared to facebook.

Blockchain is future, Like bitcoin (and alt coins) may make banks obsolete. Steem have the power to make social media companies obsolete. Its not easy but not impossible either.

Why we need Decentralised / open source Social media

Facebook is great. But it becoming very dangerous. It can influence billions of people for their own greedy. It makes money by selling our private data. In the age of facebook, its easy for corporate and government to influence and change peoples opinion. We unknowingly gave too much power to facebook. Its not good. Like we separated the state from church in many countries. Its very much important and urgent to separate the corporate and government from people. But still the community power is massive than facebook. St

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