Do You Want To Be Successful on Steemit? My How To Guide.

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A Practical Guide to Building a Successful Steemit Profile

There are countless posts on Steemit giving tips to new users on how to build a successful account. Having been on the platform for six months now, and having had some success at building a following, I thought it was time to provide some tips based on lessons that I have learned since I started here. I’m going to focus on some practical tips in this piece and avoid some of the more common throwaway away lines like work hard, post quality content, and don’t plagiarise. I think these are speak for themselves.

The intent of today’s post is to provide you with some hands-on advice as to how to make your Steemit blog more visible readable, and therefore more likely to be successful.

The first thing I recommend you do is read my previous post on this topic which can be found here:

Steemit is Difficult! The Sooner You Accept It Easier it Becomes

The sooner you get your head around the concepts discussed in this post the easier your journey will be. Leaving those issues behind for today, let’s focus on some practical tips to improve the quality of your Steemit posts.

Pick Two or Three Key Topics And Stick To Them.

The key to being successful on Steemit is to build a large following. Without trying to state the obvious, followers will follow your account because they find what you write interesting and engaging. If you are constantly writing on random and unrelated topics you significantly decrease the chance of people wanting to follow you (in my opinion). The way I see it, it works like this. If you like writing about cryptocurrencies, then post about crypto currencies. Hopefully other users who like reading about crypto currencies will then follow you, because they are interested in what you have to say on this topic. Once they have followed you, if you then bombard their feed with cat pictures, memes and articles on completely unrelated topics, it’s highly likely that they will unfollow you quite quickly. It’s hard enough to find quality content on Steemit to read, without having my feed filled with superfluous posts that are of no interest to me.

It is my opinion that you should stick to two or three topics at most and focus your writing on these. There’s nothing wrong with the odd additional post here or there on something unrelated, but in general your followers will have chosen to follow you because they are interested in a topic that you write about. If you don’t consistently write about this topic, the likelihood of people wanting to follow you decreases significantly.

Learn How To Format Your Posts Properly.

I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to have an attractive looking post. The easier you make it for your audience to read your content, the more likely they are to want to read it in the first place. There are countless posts available on Steemit that will help you learn how to do this. I have listed a few below.

These posts by @holoz0r, @Nathanial talk about how to incorporate pictures into your posts to make them more attractive.



I also use a web-based app called StackEdit to assist me with formatting my posts. It takes a lot of the pain out of some basic formatting functions. StackEdit is not the be all and end all however. It will certainly help you write more attractive looking posts, but its functionality is quite limited. You will need to come to grips with Markdown at some point.

Here is a basic tutorial on the use of markdown that I have found useful.


Break up your text

Make heavy use of titles and subtitles. Include lots of images. Use tools such as block quotes, italics and bold fonts. In addition to looking unattractive, it’s extremely difficult to read long blocks of text. Steemit blogs are not novels (unless of course your post is part of a novel). The shorter you can make your paragraphs, the easier it is for your readers to digest them.

For a piece of writing that may well be one long paragraph if you are to be preparing as part of a story or an essay, on Steemit it’s better to break it down into two, three or four smaller paragraphs to make it easier to read.

Also focus on keeping your sentences short and punchy. Sentences that run on are hard to read and will cause your readers to quickly lose interest. If you find yourself with a particularly long sentence (which can usually be recognised by lots of comma), see if you can break it up into two or more smaller sentences. There is an art to striking the right balance between having your sentences long enough to say what you want them to say, but not so long as to make them awkward to read.

Use Catchy Images!!

A picture speaks a thousand words!

When other Steemit Users view your blog in their feed. They only see three things. Your title, the first line of text from your article and your image. The image by far makes the biggest impression. A good picture is essential. There are numerous free image libraries online where you can access royalty free images.

Some websites that I commonly use are:


Free Images (formerly Stock Xchange)


Marketing research has shown that people will respond strongly to images with people in them, so try to pick something with people in it, over a landscape style of photograph. Get creative with your image choices though. The image should relate to the content of the article, but don’t be too literal in your interpretation. In a post on mental illness I used this image, and it received a great response.


In the context of the article the image represents how living with mental illness can sometimes make you feel like an alien in your own world. It worked perfectly both for the article, and also to catch the eye of any potentially interested reader.

Get Your Heading Right.

In addition to your image, the other main thing people will see is the title of your article. They will usually decide whether to read your article in less than a second, based on whether your title interests them. @just2random put me onto this great tool to help you create better titles for your articles.

Advanced Marketing Institute Headline Analyser

You want your title to have a score of at least 33%, but the higher the better. Take the time to look at the headings that professional journalists use in the main stream media. You will start to see the same principles applied.

The other thing a potential reader will see is the first line of your actual article. This is displayed as a preview of your blog. Make the most of this. Consider using a sub heading at the start of your article to make the most of this feature. A common mistake is to reference the source of your main image directly under the image. You should reference all your images, but if you do it this way, then the preview line of your article is wasted. Put your references at the end of the article. That way you are still providing credit to the other artists that helped to put your piece together but you’re not wasting the opportunity to grab someone’s attention.

Tags, Tags, Tags!!!

Use appropriate tags! Also use tags that show high payout amounts. The higher the payout, the more people are engaging with content under that tag. If you don't tag appropriately, people who are interested in the topic that you right about wont be able to find your post. Don't just pick the highest paying tags if they don't apply to your article. People are watching (Hi @steemcleaners), and this kind of tagging is frowned upon and could even get you flagged. If you are new to the platform all it takes is a couple of flags from big accounts and your reputation is shattered. Reputation is hard to build, you don't want to risk it.

Here is another post from my favourite cat, @tubcat, that talks about many of the same topics highlighted above, plus it gives some more advanced markdown tips.

Tub Cat's Advice - Formatting Tips and Tricks

Some Other Things To Think About

Upvote Bots

Use them shamelessly if you can afford to.

There is a lot of chatter on the platform about whether this “ethical” or not. Leave this conversation for the whales. When you only have 28 SP you need all the help you can get. See this post by @themarkymark about one way to look at these services.


No one complains when people pay to boost their posts on Facebook so why is Steemit any different. Its very hard to make money with most bots, but they will get your posts greater visibility. As long as you don’t abuse them, I see no reason why you shouldn’t use them. In most cases you wont make a profit on using the bot anyway. Getting a post on the hot or trending pages on Steemit though can attract new followers to your account, and followers are the key to your success. Consider it an investment in the future of your account.

Buy Some Steem

Despite all the idealism that surrounds the concept of Steemit, at the end of the day money talks on this platform. If you can afford to invest some of your own money into Steem and power up, then the entire process of building your account will accelerate. Not only will you be able to upvote your own post, which will give you a small curation reward, but other minnows will want to interact with you so that you read, and hopefully vote on their posts. Even a small amount of Steem helps. When I started Steem was a lot cheaper than it is now, and I was able to buy 300 Steem quite cheaply. The difference between my account 30 days later and the accounts of others who started from scratch at the same time was enormous.

Main image courtesy of Juan Jose on Unsplash

Other images courtesy of Aziz Acharki and Jonas Verstuyft on Unsplash

Written with StackEdit.

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Excellent guide my friend @aghunter. Upvote and Resteem. Thanks for share this info. It will above all help the newly initiated to grow.

Greetings and a hug :)

Really agree with your words, means formatting of your post, format help you to attract more and more people to read your post and if we stick to topics then it will help in the process of continuation of reading your posts by others. Tags are the key if you post one particular post and you are using tag which is not related to your post then it can called plagiarism so give appropriate tags. And at last i want to say, there are people who can't afford to invest to buy Steem but there are people who can afford, and in my opinion they can try to investing in Steem and it will be profitable with future aspect. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Great post, thank you kindly for sharing your insight! Knowledge is power right? In that case thank you for sharing power and helping build a thriving community;0)


Thank you for your kind words :)

Thank you, it's so much different from what I read for past weeks. I am new here, read many tips about how to steemit. And this, really enlighten me. Thank you sir, have a good day!

Even though i have been a blogger for years it's still good to get some tips here and there. Espesially right now when i just join steemit and everything is kind of new and hard to understand. Thanks a lot.

Thanks for creating this type of article. It helps me to guide my thoughts on creating concrete but interesting article.

Some very good points there, the platform is definitely easy if you have Steempower. And yep stay in your lane when posting, but I found myself following a few users that have knowledge on subjects I know very little about (and want to learn about - i.e that @aghunter guy talking about taxation and cryptos :) :) ). We want to learn as well as make a few dollars on the side right!?

This is very helpful as I am new at Steemit. Thank you!

Great post thanks from a newbie.

Great post , I agree that using appropriate formatting would indeed help.

Wow, this is an amazing article. I also recommend to newbies to add articles like these to their favorites. You'll want to quickly and easily access these types of references when your ready to start making quality blogs!


Thanks @cryptoknight12 I think that's a great idea too.

Steemit needs more of this kind of blogs.. This is great for new users and the struggling ones too.. Thanks so much for this guide . Very helpful..
Upvote, followed, and resteemed!


Thank yo so much @pickyvicki! I am glad you found it useful.

Thank you so much for this informative and helpful guide, This will be a good help for me as a minnow. Thank you for sharing this with us @aghunter

Keep it u=)


Great article - this is exactly what we are trying to do with the Sailing genre and our @hownottosail page! We hope to entertain, which will appeal to many audiences, but we will also grab the attention of sailors with some how to and educational content.

But I especially agree with the part in your article about images and getting your heading right as these are the first things you see when browsing through for new content!

  ·  last year (edited)

Funny you should say. I was sitting down by the river in my home town this morning, watching the local sailing club teaching people how to sail!! It looked very peaceful!


Ah, I love a good coincidence - sounds like a beautiful spot to watch or sail! It is a very unique sport, peaceful at times and exhilarating at others. Also very intellectually challenging as well!

I completely agree that we should choose two to three key topics and focus on them, and I believe that an odd additional post here or there on something unrelated can actually expand our audience - for example, if I publish a healthy spaghetti recipe although I'm writing about psychology and philosophy, I might interest some people that like recipes in psychology and philosophy, although they would never search for such content on their own. : )

"Marketing research has shown that people will respond strongly to images with people in them." - Very interesting info, thanks for sharing! The cosmonaut standing on Earth is an interesting choice for mental illness post indeed. : )

Breaking up your text and having good headings is the best advice! I find then you capture both the skimmers who jump from heading to heading and also help turn the skimmers into readers! This has been my strategy with writing :)

Great article!

I shall now write better post courtesy of reading this...much respect and thanks for this

very good your post @aghunter

nice post

thank you

How to be successful on steemit:

Buy your success


Do you agree with voting bots? I used them for a short period and the allure is real, but it ISN'T the right way to create a successful Steemit space. I made my mistake.

I'm happy creating posts that attract a few dollars rather than paying bots..that, in the end, may end up costing me more than what I get back. that's the irony.

Take care,


Good Question

I use to use queue list bots and vote selling a lot, but after you start consistently earning a certain amount you should feel obligated to stick to organic alone for minnow support. Again, should because you have whales pushing past $100 per post with Bid Bots which is why cough cough bid bots are frowned upon by many communities. Not to mention bid bots are horribly inflating delegation markets while giving more than 200% ROI less than sellers and queues.

I primarily use sellers for minnows to gain visibility. That is the main usage. That being said,

  1. I never use bid bots because they are a rip off, enable cough cough inflated post values .
  2. Falsely claims to help minnows when it obviously doesn't
  3. Is destroying the delegation market for normal users.

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I think this is a vexed and complex question. I use them as I indicated in the original post, so can’t say I disagree with their use. Philosophically I agree with the comment below, that once you reach a certain point you should avoid using them. At the same time, steemit is not a level playing field. The system is so heavily stacked against newer and/or smaller accounts that I think that practicality trumps philosophy to a very large extent. The actual profit earned by using most vote bots is so small that you are often not really making much profit from them anyway. In effect you are paying for exposure and not much more. Using a service like @buildawhale you can often lose money instead of making it.

To be more specific in my answer though I would say that I support people creating quality content using bots to gain exposure, I don’t support people using bots purely to make money. There’s a lot of grey area in that answer, but that’s pretty much where I sit.

I know a title and the picture is important , very important to attract others to view your post or blog . Steemit is jsut very difficult , making 2-3$ on a post sucks . I mean I’m thankful but I wish I could move up the line already . Some days I put in harder work on my posts and yet it goes down the drain. What can I do ?


Keep doing the right thing. Writing well. That's what you should be doing. Paying for upvotes isn't sustainable and just makes you look like you're buying your own popularity.

I used to do it and listened to people that made a good argument against it.

I'll take a look at your blog.



Thanks for the reply !!

Hi there,

I used to pay for upvotes until I realised it didn't sit with my ethics of building a group of followers that actually follow me because they enjoy my content and not because it's 'already popular'.

What's your justification for the use of voting bots?



Hi Nick,

See my answer to the comment above.



This is the best post I've seen here.
Thanks for your advice.
Of course upvoted.


Best post


This has received an upvote from the @minnow-aid subscription service. Your sub ends today.

I like reading this post. At the time of writing my post I will consider your details. By the way, I find the topic of using bots and buying steem very interesting. I think it would be right to reward the quality I agree to use the bots but only to promote and position quality content on the steemit platform and that of course the bots are not used as a method of personal or collective enrequecimiento. the rest of the post seems good to me. Even so, as long as the users or communities within steemit do not abuse the platform to generate a kind of monopolistic influence or centralize the votes, it seems perfect.

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