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So, I work in sales. You hear about SaaS. Software as a Service. Software can often be tricky and it's a specialty field that you need knowledge, expertise, and experience to really be able to make a dent in.

Totally Amazing

Recently, Steemit did something really amazing. They opened the lisence up for Steem so that's it's now the MIT lisence. That's amazing because the MIT license really allows people to take this thing and rework it to their hearts desire.

Totally Disheartening

Steemit isn't a simple program. There are multiple components that talk to each other in order to have this thing operate like it does. It's wonderful that there's this amazing thing out there, but it's been pretty impossible to figure out "what next?" There isn't a lot of documentation. Many of the devs are not supposed to work on Steemit projects outside the scope of their work. Witnesses have their own projects they are running. Despite there being this totally awesome program to use there isn't a group that can make changes and help.

Aggroed, what the hell are you talking about?

Okay, so the thing I have in mind is making Meme the News bigger. Memes are amazing. In 2 seconds your brain can be hit with some thoughts that unlock a portion of your brain that was previously locked. You can see the world differently. People need to get out of the programming we've all had installed in us and think differently to solve the problems before us. Steemit is a blogging platform though and the culture here is blog, blog, blog, and make a currency alternative to the USD and Bitcoin. That's awesome, but I think another way to help the world is to make a news feed with a currency attached to provide income for those who choose to curate the news.

Steemit would be a great platform for this, but so far it's been Herculean to make any progress. I think I've spammed 15 programmers in the community to help on the project. I'm willing to pay too! It's not like I'm asking for freebies here, but so far it's been a challenge.

a solution I hope folks pick up

If you're a programmer who can tweak steemd or condenser I hope you and some friends realize that steemit is cool, people will pay to have their own version, and you could literally make a business tweaking steemit for individual use cases. This isn't an affront to steemit. This will help this program grow and what it can unleash will increase as the program is taken and put into specialty use cases. I'll be your first customer... I hope this community can figure out a way.


You are a GOOD and wise man.

Flattered! Thank you!

im just lucky i can still tie my shoes

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