Agreed, I didn't know about the center and line drawing tags. That's really helpful.

Resteemed and followed.

Tom, I am so glad to know! Truly makes me happy that you found something useful out of this article. It is words like this that keeps me going.

Appreciate your resteem. Boy, does it feel good. :)

And thank you for your follow. Followed you back! Have a wonderful day.

@Aggroed, I cannot describe how encouraging this is. As someone who is new here and wish to stick around and share worthy, original articles, it warms my heart to see my post reaching so many people.

I am already seeing a massive influx of votes and comments, much thanks to your support and resteem. Can't thank you enough! Truly appreciate it. :)

Yeah dude. Great article! Just pay it forward and support my series the Minnow Support Project, which helps minnows get views through resteems!

uuuu 900!! I hope to get there...48 to go! :D

Check it bro- 912 right now!

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