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A dozen score years ago great leaders of a fledgling nation came together to form the Articles of Confederation as a first step towards self-governance away from a monarchy seeking unethical control of people. They joined together in their fight against taxation, intolerance, militarization, and all threats to their sovereignty. They wrote about such things as "mutual friendship," "free inhabitants," "times of peace," and "common defense." There was no president, laws required unanimous votes, it could not enforce laws, states could maintain their own currencies, there was no regulation of commerce, term limits reined in delegates, and the one functioning body could not raise taxes, but simply ask for money from the states. This was a true vision of independence and a modest role of government as a body to provide a forum for discourse and common defense.

In their lust for power the Constitutional Convention called together representatives of many states and launched the United States of America. Knowing they could not amend the Articles of Confederation for the bar had been set too high for those men seeking to control others instead wrote a document from scratch and discussed Presidents, Judicial branches, the sole coinage of money, slaves, and did away with term limits. They took it upon themselves to self declare they had the power to:

borrow money on credit of the United States,
Regulate Commerce,
Establish uniform Laws,
Coin Money,
Provide Punishment for Piracies and Felonies,
Establish Post Offices,
Patent Rights,
constitute Tribunals,
Declare War,
Raise, support, and regulate Armies and a Navy,
calling of a Militia to suppress insurrection,
Set their seat of governance and defend it with Forts, Magazine, Arsenals, and dock-Yards,
To make all Laws which shall be necessary for the Execution the foregoing Powers.

This was an act to lay the ground work of planetary tyranny and the Perpetual Siege of the World. A nation designed for perpetual war had been crafted and we've seen the result. A once peaceful community acting in self defense has been at war 224 years of the 241 years it's existed. Today is no different excepting that which has lead to greater extremity. Where peace once ruled now has over 1,000 military bases in foreign nations and military personnel in over 130 countries. The government is waging an active war in no less than seven countries at once. We are not at peace, and this nation is the source of war.

Beyond that abject poverty created through purposeful and perpetual creation of money as debt has crippled the vast majority of people on this planet financially leaving a handful of billionaires while billions have only a handful. We are not abundant while millions of people die of starvation and live in servitude to debt.

And it would seem the era of liberty has passed. When your speech that conflicts with social norms of the day can lead to your imprisonment, when no less than 40% of your income is stolen to wage war, when millions of non-violent offenders are incarcerated, and when official papers must be presented along with sniffing dogs and armed soldiers at every port we are not free. We are not free.

But we must refuse to believe that the bank of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that our great Pact of Humankind is closed for good, nor do we believe that the Universal Spark of the Divine Creator and the Great Collaborator that lies within us all is dead. Instead we know that our birthright for a peaceful, rich life, where we are free to do as we will so long as we cause no harm is in our hands and has been all along.

We have come to this platform seeking change to the status quo. We seek to end the unending violence. We seek to do, say, and be as we see fit so long as we cause no harm, and we seek a life where scarcity cannot be found. We seek the promise of the American Dream, a house, a family, sustenance, and peace but without the shackles and violence that currently prop it for the handful that can achieve it.

Lady Peace cannot wait. We cannot lock her out, nor shut her off. For with each delay we offer there is another life quenched by the machines of war that our forefathers carefully constructed. So, it's on us to to combat the monster of our past's design. And let it be that this combat won't be fought with weapons of war, with blood of our family, and through the destruction of our community, but with the ripple of billions of voices simply declaring "I do not consent."

I do not consent to violence.
I do not consent to taxation.
I do not consent to war.
I do not consent to poverty.
I do not consent to currency as debt.
I do not consent to an infinite series of unjust laws.
I do not consent to be ruled.

And though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow I hold a Steem.

With my steem, a block-chain currency that can create abundance at a click, I have faith that we can universally achieve our pursuit of property and happiness.

I have a Steem and a hope it will pass between the wallets of peaceful inhabitants of Baghdad and the soldiers who have laid down their arms in peaceful protest.

I have a Steem and a hope it will purchase food for the hungry in the poverty wracked streets of Caracas, Venezuela.

I have a Steem and a hope it will pass between my two daughters and they'll be able to spend it openly and freely without a heavy hand and the threat of a loaded gun if they don't give a piece of that Steem to the state.

I have a Steem today!

I have a Steem today and it comes with a hope that the many brothers and sisters working tirelessly on behalf of a million different projects can usher in a wave of peace so loud it'll be heard from the steps of the white house, the bells of the Vatican, and shatter the glass on the stock tickers in the City of London.

This is the hope I share with many. This is the faith I have that the swords will become plowshares. That the spilt blood of "the other" will be the garden bed of a peaceful world, and that the cacophony of a planet each playing their own instruments to their own liking will in fact harmonize into an incredible orchestra that may uplift and sooth our souls.

And let today be the day. Where we no longer promise as children in schools to Pledge our Obedience to any state or organization that seeks to rule.

Let today be the day when we stop singing the Battle hymns of any group that perpetuates violence.

Let this be the day when we stop casting body bags and coffins for our sons and daughters who fought one another.

Let this be the day we cease to consent to such things.

If the free inhabitants of the World Wide Web are to be truly free this must be our start!

So let us trade Steem from the oracle of Delphi, to the great wall of China.
Let us trade Steem from the Pyramids in Egypt, to the Coasts of South Africa.
Let us trade Steem from the Pauper in Pakistan, to the Merchants in Venice.
Let us trade Steem from the rolling hills of Pennsylvania to the Peaks of Kilimanjaro .

Not only that but let us post about Liberty from the once controlled streets of North Korea.
Let us post about peace from the former barracks of the Soviet Union.
Let us post about Abundance from the empty buildings of the BIS in Basel Switzerland.

And when this happens, and when our unhindered trading and free speech can be heard in every village and every hamlet, from every city and town, when people of all faiths and continents can walk hand in hand as brother and sister with a virtual upvote and resteem, may then the former controllers of this world shrink in terror of it's free people, and may a golden age of peace, abundance, and liberty be upon us all.

Today I have Steem. Tomorrow I hope to trade it with you.


I totally agree with the sentiment of this post and we'll work together for this better world your post talk about.

We'll collaborate a lot closer in a near future.

I've resteemed.

Thanks Team! Let me know what I can do to help support your visions!

'Hear hear' Steem for the many unlike money for the few.
Spread your good throughout the world as your deem fit and not as others decide for you.

I have steem for world equality.
Liberty for the unfree
Peace for those at war
Abundance for those without

You have a great project here.
I hope to see many in need benefit from yours and others good work.

Keep it up
You inspire people to get involved.

@aggroed ,

I am a Social Worker by career. I have spent my entire life helping people rise from the ashes of victimization. I have waged legal battles to serve justice in the hands of the hard-working and seeking peace in their lives. I have fought through the red tape that constricts the souls and the shackles that relinquish all freedom.

However, it is my own demise that the very banner I hold, is doctrine by the very proclamation, the very hand that chastises this world.

It is the very servitude and selflessness that unfortunately ends antisocial behavior, violence, crime, and unjust human practices… also feeds the Overmind that which dismantles the human ability to fight and represent as an armament of peace.

As I herald the banner of freedom and safety, my cognizance and symbiosis are ultimately guided by the very principals that have destroyed this world.

This paradox binds the lives of others, for if dosh, contracts, expectations, protocols are not followed... there is no treatment for the unfortunate. It supervenes through the Iron Fist that we entrust our wages to, and in the end, resistance is futile without a complete relinquishment of the symbiosis created…. Only to create a new symbiosis…

I approve your message and forearm-lock you in this peaceful exertion

I'll consent to that!

Great thoughts, even if a single person has that much insight for making the world a better place, we will be achieving that thing very soon.

I do NOT consent! Preach, mister!!

I do not consent!!

We fight for truth & righteousness to end all forms of financial and economic slavery. We fight for the well being of families and homes. The new war to be fought will be a war of words defending the truth.

Hello excellent post ,,, and thanks for sharing, I live in Caracas Venezuela, and in all Venezuelans we will be grateful whenever you have provided this platform Steemit where we are generating our first steem, and somehow we are helping to have a little more Of income since at present the minimum salary of our country is less than 35 $ per month ,,,,,

 Congratulations and totally grateful

Regards ........................... Mode Steemit ON !!!!!!!!!!!

A pertinent write-up @aggroed - it's speaking to my heart and soul.

Many have lost or sold their souls to comfort and laziness, to willful ignorance and slavery - to the enemy!

We shall not consent. We are rising instead. I have a Steem, too. And I am living it - so that those who come after us will indeed reclaim liberty - and keep it.

Extraordinarily great post.

-ch @globocop

thanks globo!

Thank you for this amazing article. Bookmarked. Resteemed.

Shared it! Did ya climb into my soul and write the words you saw there? Speak it, write it shout it from the mountains!

I fully support what you are saying!
I have been trying to tell people for 20+ years to wake up to the rigged system,to end the FED. Reserve. IRS, and the evils of the alphabet soup groups,ect.,ect....
I love steemit and MSP, PAL.net!
But we need to do some serious work....
I am not a tech or any great thinker, I am a little above average(?) on somethings and don't even register in some... ;-)
I have a lot of issues with the ability to buy reputation,and some of the bots, ect, .. you know about Bernie Sanders, he is chump change ! what happens when Janet Yellen and her "freinds" decide to buy steem?
these People are organized they have think tanks, Bilderberg, Trilateral, groups...they have plans and agendas!
You know the [email protected], I respect you and what you are doing!
So lets grow Steemit , and get a couple million minnow in PALnet< so we can get steemit to a couple billion, to Free several more Billion!
I think you know what I meme!

"A nation designed for perpetual war had been crafted and we've seen the result."


Can't....resist...especially at 00m:45s.

Excellent post. I really don't know what else to say, you said all that needed to be here. I've been withdrawing my consent for years (decades), and I'm starting to feel like I'm not a total outcast anymore.

let's hope so

Steem for the freedom
Steem for the Survival
Steem for the Truth

You have portrayed the upcoming role of steem very well in this article. Steem really has the power to shift the financial system. Steem has the power to change the world. It has the power to feed the hungry. Steem has the power to provide clothes to the naked. Steem has the power to make worth living for survivors of war.
Love Steem and Live for Steemit.
Thanks for this Steem Patriotic article @aggroed

Steem for the Win :)

peace indeed we truly need, enough of the war and violence. Rally creative...thanks for sharing

Inspirational post aggroed. Perhaps the best I have seen here at Steemit. The world needs to change and fast, and in the direction you have succintly detailed. Cryptocurrency could be the catalyst for this change - with Steem hopefully the main one. SirKnight. U & R.

Damn, that is good! Thank you, aggroed, for sharing that. Profound and so true. Peace and liberty. I like the way Leonard Reed, the founder of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) put it, "Anything that's peaceful." I think that sums up how to live.

Thank you for sharing this! Keep up the good work!

Totally #yunked after reading this amazing post of yours!

I really agree with your post, Unity have a lot of strength always .

As a community we should all collaborate to make this world a better place. And i consent with the post well written content.

I do not consent to violence.
I do not consent to taxation.
I do not consent to war.
I do not consent to poverty.
I do not consent to currency as debt.
I do not consent to an infinite series of unjust laws.
I do not consent to be ruled.

I like toast 🍞

Steem para la libertad y la paz. 👍

PAL would be nice.

Upvoted and also resteemed!

They are listening. Well done @aggroed!

I got a bellyRub and this post has received a 3.57 % upvote from @bellyrub thanks to: @zeartul.

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I have a dream..

Upvoted for humanity! Let's Steem on!

As a libertarian. I agree with this message!

Let us stand up for humanity @aggroed

Thanks alot for this masterpiece. it not shows that we as the common man are tired of the greedy elites seeing us as sheeps but we are also ready to fight to preach freedom and to break away from the evil system they have designed to tie us down. This is because truth is the mightiest weapon of all. steem all the way

Very interesting article ... happy to know the things that have been hidden by the rulers.

That's right, I support everything! I hope for the best. I've resteemed.

Hopefully I have a lot of steem :(

That was beautifully written and very inspirational. We need rid of any and all government/authority. Without those false and misleading ideals I believe humanity would flourish in ways it hasn't for a long, long time or ever. Our misguided belief in our need for authority has us loving our chains. Authority is simply just another name for a Master. And if the very few (including government, tax office, law enforcement etc) hold all the authority in the world then they are by default our masters and we all allow it.

So in response to your excellently crafted post I say:

I do NOT consent!

This motivation for me ta work harder then before the upgrading my skill in steem.. I am happy to read your article. In order to fire my spirit..

Millions thansk for you Mr. @aggroed

I want to know more, do you know i am your follower @ronaldmcatee

I do not consent!!!

Wuaooo..! Yo también espero intercambiarlo contigo y con el mundo ENTERO! y que definitivamente la libertad, la paz y la abundancia llegue ha cada rincón de este planeta, gracias por compartir con esta comunidad.

@aggroed have I told you how awesome you are lately? :)

I consent to Freedom...

REAL Freedom, not the matrix we currently reside in. I speak of the freedom you feel when your camping and are deep in the heart of mother nature with your favorite group of people just existing for the moment and enjoying the connections and vibe of the present.
Run for the hills is not a saying of retreat, it's a step in the right direction.
Hand in hand we descended into nature and came out the other side stronger, kinder and unified.

We the people shall prevail!

This part of the cycle belongs to the .



Indeed, Steemit is censorship resistant blogging! Resteemed

The sweet chin music of social evolution with ILL VIBES only!

Steem ON peeps STEEM ON! 🖖

This sounds much like the Roman Empire. Too many similarities with the Roman Empire and the USA. Rome fell, the US will eventually feel its fate as well.

Liberty FTW

Everything else is just fascist

I just wrote about the same subject, almost the same time as you!

Let us find a way to help those who have nothing. If it is possible through steem.... then my friends lets STEEM ON


Such noble words have never been uttered before....maybe

Hurrah @aggroed - let us Steem!

You rock, sir. <3

Glad you liked it whisp!

Wow! Powerful stuff!!

Yay!!! I had to read every word just to see end.
Nice content.
I have a Steem too. Yay!!!

Very good post... I liked reading it :) It's very well done :)

To the future of Steem, this is the start of a new revolution and it will just be as historical as the founding of USA.

A noble thought. I can only respond, "If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride". So long as jingoism is rampant, wishes are all that the world can expect to ride.

Your information is very good. I can learn a lot from the information you provide.
I @aroyl say many thanks to you.

i enjoyed the read and the comments. i will simply say that it is an amazing post,

That was so eloquently written. It reminds of the virtue that was once in the hearts of free people that have been lost in this modern rat race where people have forgotten that they have value and have voluntarily unconsciously​ sold themselves as indentured servants to a system that only seeks to profit from their backs and only give them the crumbs. That was once called slavery but the neo-slave doesn't even realize they are such. Well done @aggroed! Well said!!!

Thanks, glad it resonated!

i'll drink to that

I do not consent to violence.
I do not consent to taxation.
I do not consent to war.
I do not consent to poverty.
I do not consent to currency as debt.
I do not consent to an infinite series of unjust laws.
I do not consent to be ruled.

I respect this your position @aggroed ...
The old system works only because many people are used to it ...
I hope soon everything will change for the better.

i thank you very much and i am also hoping to help and spread the news all over the world

Best regards to all friend @munamaqfirah

I have a dream to have significant amount of steem someday :) :)

Peace and Love from @ishratamin

Hello! I just upvoted you! I help new Steemit members! Upvote this comment and follow me! i will upvote your future…3

I love your I do not consent list. I should write one out

Send it my way when you're done!


This is the most legit guy on this system. He's not making this up folks, I've seen him in action. He keeps me straight around here and helped me get a voice in a crowd. Selfless, that's what this one is. Hand's down one to emulate.

Well done Aggroed... ReSTEEMed...

Oh my, what an epic post! I want to get a poster that says your whole post and hang it in my living room (once I have a living room). I agree with every word. Here's one more liberty advocate standing by for the world's most peaceful revolution -- an evolution.

Steem has bright future.

I just shared your post on my Facebook page; that is how impressed I am with this post

You have my vote. God bless you.

" Today I have steem, tomorrow I hope trade it with you " . Very briliant and genius. I love that 's quote. Thanks for sharing. You are great steemian.

I am your follower :) and u know that ? your posts are super, post more like these! @ronaldmcatee

thanks for the info. very useful :)
followed and upvoted !
pls visit my blog @swssmarketing too :)

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