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Steemit.com's social media platform is now beginning to show the color of its patents, originally only colored standards are now beginning to show the brightness and uniqueness of the colors that social media has in bereward.

Known, the changes (upgrades) began to be seen in the last 4 days, where the location of the difference seen with the color change is noteworthy. Bright green color began to blank the numbers in steemit, especially in the post icon Vote and Comment.

In the wallet we can see the color of the writing category Steem, Steem Power (SP), and Steem Dollar (SBD) with bright green color.

Although in Beta stage, steemit is predicted to continue to surprise the steemans, ranging from template and category changes as well as other exciting displays will be provided.

AFStory Change is a Fairness


Platform media sosial Steemit.com kini mulai menunjukkan warna patennya, semula hanya berwarna standar kini mulai menunjukkan kecerahan dan keunikan warna yang dimiliki sosial media bereward tersebut.

Diketahui, perubahan (upgrade) tersebut mulai terlihat dalam 4 hari terakhir, dimana letak perbedaan terlihat dengan perubahan warna yang mecolok. Warna hijau cerah mulai menyelimuti angka-angka di steemit, terlebih lagi didalam postingan icon Vote dan Komentar.

Di wallet kita dapat menlihat warna tulisan kategori Steem, Steem Power (SP), dan Steem Dollar (SBD) dengan warna hijau muda yang cerah.

Meskipun dalam tahap Beta, steemit diprediksikan akan terus memberikan kejutan bagi para steemian, mulai dari perubahan template dan kategori serta tampilan menarik lainnya akan diberikan.

AFStory Perubahan adalah sebuah Kewajaran

KSI Chapter Barsela's steemian friends account

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  2. https://steemit.com/@danialves

  3. https://steemit.com/@agusnovic

  4. https://steemit.com/@revina95

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  12. https://steemit.com/@iikhsan

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  16. https://steemit.com/@aminnullah

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  24. https://steemit.com/@friskamarina

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