How come Steemians are such nice people ?

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Short Prelude

Its me again, Aeternet. And a few post back i already told you that i would be making topic related posts of my website every single day. But I also want to just make some rambling posts, where i just go over some off-topic stuff. But enough of that, lets get on with today's topic.

My first impressions of the Steemit community

Ok so when i first heard about steemit and decided to make a account, i did feel a bit overwhelmed by the platform itself. Of course i have some idea of the new crypto wold but still, some things were bit confusing to me.

So i talked to some people on this platform and asked some questions, and everywhere i look, all the people in this community seem so nice and helpful :) I mean for real, everyone is just great! So for my first beginners impressions, it has been very good indeed.

And then what?

So in the days and weeks after my first glance of the Steemit platform, i was reading some posts and watching some livestreams and videos made by other people. And then i realised, I want to be more involved with this amazing community and do more for it, adding more of my own content to the network.

The horrors of making a new account for a noob :)

oh no.jpg

So still new to this platform and barely understanding how everything works, i decided i wanted to make a new channel/account for gaming content, since i like gaming a lot and it doesnt really fit with the Aeternet channel.

So i found out pretty fast, you could not just make a new account just like that and that your first free account was funded by Steemit itself (or something like that :P ). So after hours upon hours i finaly figured out what i had to do, i had to fund my own account so i could make one myself after some steemians helped me figure it all out though.

BoOoooM my new account is live!

baloothebear profile2.jpg

Yes, with the help of our fellow Steemians, i made myself a new account on this platform called Baloothebear. And boy was i proud of myself! Yes maybe for some people it's not hard at all, but i really found it pretty complex to be honest. But at least i did it, and thats what counts after all.

So i just wanted to blog about this, the nice people on Steemit, as i really feel that way.

So to everyone who reads this, have a great day/night and remain nice to all new steemians. We are the best!

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