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HF20 - What is Enough?

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It's even harder for the non-English language new accounts. They have to somehow find their community. Not all the communities have enough steempower to help them. The Korean community seems well organised with lots of mentors with lots of steempower who can upvote new members.

But say the Venezuelan community is poor by contrast, but at least there is a big Spanish language community they can join comprising many Spanish speaking countries.

Imagine if you are from somewhere like say, Algeria. Your English is OK but not good enough to do big complex posts. What do they do? Before HF20 they used to try to upvote lots of people in the hopes someone would look at their blog and upvote back. But they haven't the RC to do that on any scale anymore.

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Yes, the global implications are what have bothered me most. It's as if folks think that all people in developing countries must be spammers, so why worry about excluding spammers in a way that excludes them. Or that people with lots of SP can't be spammers. Really it is developed world elitism.

I can only hope people will find their way to discord communities that will help them succeed.