Tron Wallets Functioning Again But We're Missing Over 300 TRX

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It's great to see that Tron wallets appear to be updating again. However, there is one major problem - all of the TRX we have claimed in the past two weeks is not reflecting in the updated balance, which has only increased by 30 TRX. Clearly this is a major problem for us, especially when it comes to paying TRX dividends to ACOM DVD investors.

What this means for us is that we have now lost out on almost two weeks worth of TRX rewards. We don't think this is fair but we have no idea if we can recover the missing 300 TRX. We are hoping this might be a latency issue with the recent problem all Tron wallets have experienced and therefore we are hoping the real balance will update soon.

However, we are also very conscious of the fact that the missing TRX will not be distributed and we may have lost them for good. We would like to once again ask any Steem or Tron developer to step forward and update the community as to what caused this problem and if there is going to be a later update to reflect an accurate amount of TRX that should be in peoples' wallets.

We have sent another round of messages to people on Discord who we hope can gives us all some answers. As soon as we hear back from anyone with anything of substance we will update you guys.

The ACOM Team



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Hello dear friends @acom good afternoon
It is very true what they say, the wallets have worked again and only reflects the latest claims. the previous ones are pending. I think this is going to be resolved.
at least that's how it reflects in a comment from Just

v respuesta de jus.jpg

i saw they said fixed but i accepted and it still didn't come? :/ only a matter of time i suspect

Yes, same here. I am claiming the rewards but I don't see it coming into my wallet.

Great to see that recent claims are now adding up to the wallet balance. Hoping the previous claim would be automatically added too later. Thanks for your unrelenting effort in keeping us up to date in regarding this issue.

This has happened in the past with TRX rewards, and gradually the older rewards started to be deposited.
Hopefully this is the case, no one wants to lose out on two weeks of rewards. Thanks for the update, information is difficult to come by.....

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