Internet Computer Token Created Two Days Ago Now Valued At $45bn - Crazy!

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This is one of those crypto developments we just had to shout about. Many of you guys have probably heard of the Swiss non-profit organisation Dfinity, founded by a British guy called Dominic Williams. Only two days ago Dfinity launched a new token called Internet Computer Token, that token is now worth a staggering $45bn! This makes Internet Computer Token the world's eighth largest cryptocurrency.


That is a groundbreaking success launch for a token, it's unprecedented. What's even more impressive about the token is that it will help to increase the use of distributed ledger technology by funding the development of decentralised servers, which will challenge the dominance that companies like Amazon and Google have. Now this we welcome very much.


Dfinity claims that because the Internet Computer Token system would not be a centrally controlled corporation and its network will be managed by people all over the world that means it will be robust enough to withstand a nuclear attack. That's robust alright! But herein lies another weakness with centrally controlled organisations like Amazon and Google, they are susceptible to threats like cyber attacks, natural disasters and conflicts. When you have a decentralised tokenised network that is distributed via open ledger technology then the network becomes a more difficult, more intangible thing to break.


Dfinity is attempting to create a revolutionary public network which will reduce computing costs and encourage developers to build their projects using defi and smart contracts. This is an excellent approach and something we welcome with open arms. Judging from the funds raised and the value of Internet Computer Token it has made an incredible start already. We'll be keeping a very close eye on this one that's for sure. We suggest you guys do the same.

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hello dear friends @acom good afternoon
what is happening in the crypto world is really incredible, this information confirms it.
I really appreciate the work you do to keep us informed.

Just two days before the next release, I can't wait for it to happen.
I take this opportunity to wish you all a splendid afternoon

I was wondering what that token was in the top 10 all of a sudden. Thanks for the info.👍

es asombroso lo que esta sucediendo en el mundo de las criptomonedas amigo @acom y de verdad admiro y valoro su gran trabajo para mantenernos informados,saludos desde venezuela

Greetings friends of @acom.

It is incredible how Dfinity in just one day could climb to this position, no doubt it is the boom of the market, let's wait how it reacts to this bearish period.

Let's keep going.