Don't Let The FUD Worry You - Cheap Bitcoin For Us!

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Looking at the current state of the crypto markets right now you could be forgiven for crying. But don't do that, try to understand what's going on instead and you won't feel so bad. Yes of course it's disheartening to see the price of Bitcoin falling in the way it's doing at the moment but Bitcoin does this we all know that this happens and will happen again, but as we also know Bitcoin bounces back and it will do so again.


There has been a lot happening lately that has prompted this surge in FUD and let's be clear that's what we're really dealing with here - fear, uncertainty and doubt. We had Elon Musk back away from Bitcoin after he apparently 'realised' that mining Bitcoin might destroy the planet and obviously he couldn't possibly be a part of that! Hmm, we think that smells of some, um, well nonsense shall we say! I wonder what he's really up to?


A few days ago we also saw Binance come under investigation by the IRS. With Binance being the world's largest crypto exchange it's no surprise that this has had a negative impact on the crypto markets. This of course is running parallel to the ongoing investigation into Ripple and the SEC's case alleging Ripple held a $1.3bn unregistered securities offering. The case is now in its fifth month and won't be settled either way for a while yet.


So yes there have been some significant events in the past week that have triggered this negative impact on the crypto markets but most of it has simply caused that all infamous yet all powerful FUD. It's obvious that fear, uncertainty and doubt are the three main factors in the current BTC decline. But let the FUD pass, as it usually does and fret not. Do not be sad instead buy the dip!

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Hello dear friends @acom good afternoon
It is very true what they say, those of us who have been doing crypto for several years know very well that this happens, we also know that we do not have to invest money, more than that, that you can afford to wait for new growth. This is an activity not suitable for the cardiac.

If there is saving capacity, it is a good time to invest in steem

Thank you very much for these words of consolation and encouragement.
I take this opportunity to wish you all a prosperous week

Greetings @acom friends

It is clear that banks are giving last ditch efforts to prevent the cryptocurrency world from destroying their holdings, right now it is a banquet to buy the most fundamental cryptos.

Let's move on.

So crazy how this man can just Tweet, and the markets react with fear....
Then he tweets insinuating that he is selling BTC......
He is not correctly informed, most miners use renewable energy, otherwise it would not be very profitable.
I would just break even on "Coal powered electric"
I personally run three ASIC miners, and they are 100% Solar powered.
Unfortunately any non Crypto person listening to him, would believe proof of work Crypto blockchains are destroying the Planet........Fake new, with an agenda!
I will each Month continue to be a BTC buyer!

Sadly that's the power of the second most richest person on the planet, he has significant influence and markets for better or for worse are influenced by gigantic business players. Yes we're not sure really what Elon Musk is up to here, there's no way he can't be aware of how BTC is mined in various ways.

Not too worried about the FUD... I'm a long-term investor so these short term blips (however rough they may feel) don't generally have a lot of bearing on my strategy. BTFD as they say....!

Yes we have seen our fair share of downers too @denmarkguy, in the moment they feel bad but try remembering the feeling you have when BTC is on the up!

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Peace & Love!

hello friends of @acom. the fall of the bitcoin has us a little discouraged. But let's not lose faith that printe can recover. wished you a very happy afternoon

That's pretty cool to know

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Hi, @acom,

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