Current Performance Of Steem - Doing All It Can To Return To The Dollar Mark

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It has been a very intriguing week for the performance of Steem. In the past 24 hours Steem is up around 2% but it must be assessed in the context of a bumpy market right now. Steem has been up and down a few times lately and now seems to have settled around the $0.85 mark. This is a very interesting position.

We see Steem keep trying to push upwards, it is blatantly obvious it is attempting to return to the dollar mark again but it is meeting a line of resistance at $0.90. However, it did push past $0.90 this week and managed to get to $0.94 on 27/4/21 but then promptly returned to its current default of $0.85.

As you can see from the weekly graph since that weekly high of $0.94 Steem has for the most part been trading sideways. It needs to be noted though that it's a very positive sign to see Steem bounce back this past week, almost up 25% from the previous week and that's in a backdrop of Bitcoin falling 20% with only a partial recovery.


While Steem is down from recent highs of $1.40 don't be disheartened by that. Remember Bitcoin has not recovered from it's mini crash a couple of weeks ago which impacted the whole crypto market. Instead be encouraged that Steem continues to demonstrate a robust nature, remaining consistently in buoyant mood and so obviously doing all it can to return to the dollar mark.

Steem on!

The ACOM Team



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In the past when the Crypto market had a downturn Steen and all the other crypto's would drop.
Steem always had a very tough time recovering, this time looks very promising! Although we have not recovered to the high, it is climbing, a very good sign😀

hello friends of the great team @acom. We have great faith that the steem will reach its maximum level, which we hope. greetings I wish you a happy afternoon.

Steem has got the potencial to go to the moon. We all want Steem to go further and higher. All altcoins deserve much more worth. I hope when Bitcoin recovers and bumps, so does Steem and SBD. Let's cross fingers. Saturday, May 01°, 2021.

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hello dear friends @acom good evening
I think the value of the steem is not to worry, not a week goes by, it will exceed 1u $ s dollar
I take this opportunity to wish you a beautiful Sunday

There always has to be a bit of a re-set. It can't go up and up and up without that happening. I've no doubt that Steem will continue to climb as will the other cryptos. This IS the wild west of crypto for sure! Stay on the bronco as there's still a lot of ride left! Take care!

Greetings @acom friend, if the steem has been going up, I hope it continues to go up.

@acom, congratulations on your hard work, which you have been doing, successes. It is very true that steem has been rising that good.

Steem does look pretty solid, compared to previous downturns we've seen. So often, we've had BTC down 10% leading to Steem dumping 25-30%. It's good that it has been holding its own... and even creeping up!

friends of the @acom team, good news we are waiting for, with optimism. we are making progress! Happy day for everyone. 😊

friends of @acom, we must remain calm, what we are waiting for from steem is going to arrive that is the safest thing to do! I wish you a happy start to the week 😊