is now the #513th mosyt popular website in the USA and the top 1,368th most popular website on EARTH! (Golos is also in top 5057th in Russia and top 44,000 websites on Earth)

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So we are the #513th most popular website in the USA

And Globally we are #1,368th most popular website on EARTH

Al;so here is ur Google Trends ratings for Steemit too! Alwayson the up and up!

here is the Golos Post I just made showing how Golos is the 5,057th most popular website in Russia + And 43,660th most popular website in the world!

So That is also pretty nice for Golos!

All together the Graphene Delegated Proof of Stake Family that Steem Golos and EOS all belong to is looking to become the domiante cryptocurrencies since they are the only ones that can handle the level of use that we expect.

Even Bitshares will be seen as more useful than centraized exchanges who may nt be able to handle massive influxes of new users while Bitshares decentralized exchange just gets more and more powerful as more users and witnesses join! Bitshares is a SERIOUS contender and when it has a decentralized local bitshares type website for local fiat to crypt exchange we will see it explode in popularity! We can even have a system that let's trusted steem users order things online for other users who may be new and need to buy something online but who only have SBD or Steem, well we can let them send the Steem/SBD to the trusted user and they can use their debit card, charge a small fee for the prvalage of using their fiat debit card, and this user can just accept the SBD/STEEM and see it as them purchasing some STeem or SBD, in fact we just match up users who want to buy with users who want to sell and vica versa!

I can see the Steem Roadmap here (made by @fyrtsikke on ) unfolding and making us ALL very wealthy!

So this shows us the next hardfork will be Velocity and will ome with aggressive advertising once POW Account creation has been established and allows anyone to create an account on steem instantly, which will be spoarely needed!

ALSO here is an example of what @fyrtsikken has pointed out will be possible betwen golos nd steem. We will be able to have gambling programs built into the steem blockchain that no one will be able to stop, and it will be incredible profitable and allow Golos or steem to have ANOTHER reason for investors to consider seriuous investments. When we have unstoppable gambling o steem and golos blockchains that will be just one of many possible revene streams withn steem that will make the token soar in value, especially as there is no transactionfee and the value of the toen can skyrocket without fees also going up like in Bitcoin or Ethereum or Litecoin!

Steem is the little Engine that Could!We really are! "I think I can I think I can!"

Even Zclassic is coming back top $200 aas all the GOOD coins rcover and the shitcoins stay low!

And $20 EOS is almost here!

WOW soon we will have $20 and then $30 EOS and then i know it is only a matter of time before we have $100 and $200 and then $300 EOS and then I will be an EOS millionaire :D

We can use our EOS profit to buy Steempower and then Steem will start performing like EOS when Smart media tokens come out very soon! Oh we are all gonna be rich boys and girls!

We're on a new level!

WOOOOO WERE on a NEW level! WOOO Were on a NEW level! Fuck with STEEM and get some money! Time for the EOS music video, "New Freezer"

I am seriously wondering if they knew about EOS when they made this Music Vidwo qwith kenrick Lamar! It looks like this strange electric car they made is the EOS logo i 3d! Maybe it is just collective consiousness coincidence! :D

I love you all Steemit! This is some major euphoria wave we will be riding and I can see Steem climbing now that EOS is climbing!


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