Gave $5 to a Homeless Person i ran into, $2 to his friend, told them about Steemit, they wrote everything down, also @lionspaw wants to get his company onto Steemit with Smart Media TokenssteemCreated with Sketch.

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On my walk around the neighborhood I talked to a guy who was homeless, told him about Steemit and Bitcoin and gave him $5 and gave his friend the last of my pocket change, $2 and had a good 20 minute or so talk about crypto currencies, and for anyone here who knows me from @fyrstikken 's discord voice chat, you can probably imagine that.

He had already heard of Bitcoin but was surprised to hear they were already at $7000 and so these guys wrote down my email and steemit name and I told them how to get on Steemit and even the computer lab a half mile down the road where he could use a computer for free. So I want to start organizing ways to send someone down to the Unemployment and Food Stamp offices where people wait in line either to get some welfare or information about a job and I will advertise Steemit as a Freelance type work anyone can do, and I bet there would be no limit to the amount of people I could actually help earn basic income to survive just from steemit! Not everyone has the willpower to learn to push a few buttons to make money, but anyone can do it, even the illiterate now can use the Google or Iphone Voice to text Microphone button on the keyboard to simply TALK their steemit posts into existence. These guys had a look of hope in their eyes when I told them how easy it would be to start making money online. I hope I run into them again so I can see if they got into Steemit or not and I hope I get a text soon, i will never give up on people if all I have to do is point them to a website and give them a talk in order to change their lives!

I am Very happy this neighborhood has that computer lab. It is literally all someone really needs to make a fortune if they wanted to. Maybe I will hang out there and make a steemit post showing me teaching steemit to some people who need a job and see which ones will believe me and signup.. maybe I can show the people in charge how much one can make on steemit and see if I can advertise it as an option for people who come in and need a way to make money.
Maybe we could put up ads on the walls of this computer lab and the Welfare and Unemployment offices, public libraries or schools with instructions on how to sign in and how you can make money with your Blog, and there happens to even be a Bitcoin ATM at the Lestats Coffee Shop across the street from this computer lab! I just like the idea of people being able to start at $0 it gives me hope that everyone can have that chance!

ALso My frind @lionspaw came by today to talk about ICOs and SMTs and Steemit and his company And i have known him 10 years and even ten years ago he was trying to teach me his game and I actually used his advice to start a small business which never went anywhere but could have where I converted power point presentations to videos for companies wanting videos for their products, called hah I met @tracemayer actually in 2010 and made a video for him using this strategy, before @tracemayer became famous and wealthy with Bitcoin! I made a video on my Vimeo

Hah So old! 7 years ago when i was 23! Anyway I need to reconnect with @tracemayer as I made that video for free just to ghain a networking connection and he did end up a super wealthy bitcoin wahel buying Bitcoins at $3 or less....ANYWAY back to @lionspaw He had taught me a lot about marketing and his world when he was doing deviatemedia.

After I told him about Smart media tokens he has decided he is interested in integrating steemit and Smart Media tokens with his company Which lets rideshare users make extra money showing Ads in their Cars. has Ipads/Tablets in the back of Uber/Lyft cars and after joining this program Uber/Lyft Drivers report making up to $600 a month extra on top of their Rideshare income. So getting some steemit ads on this advertising platform for free might be possible too!

Here is a Video from the Company @lionspaw Started showing the Grand Prix event Glenn Mcgee sponsorship and this was the first Esports (Videogame) to REAL LIFE Racing pro racer in the world! First guy to go from Esports to real driving, and is Rideplay's brand Ambassador.

So @lionspaw has invited me to come work with him at "The Hive", a downtown San Diego, CA Incubator so expect some great steemit posts from the downtown san diego Office... here is the "ManPower" building I'll be going to tomorrow!

hah "Man Power" just seems pretty funny, we are Building man Power at the Man Power building! This just seems like something I should show you guys!

@fiftyshades knows I always knew id get to work in a nice office downtown, it's fun manifesting dreams when you just set the bar at a reachable level! This will be exciting and I'll make sure to brush my teeth really good but I can't shave or I won't look as smart to the tech people... my neck beard has to be a certain length... and @lionspaw is also linking up with the La Jolla, San Diego, CA Based incubator which has some impressive people on the board from Blizzard, Verizon, and 500K startup packages where they pay your Office rent and really get you started if you are serious. I would like to create some Business Plan Pitches involving Steem and ICOs and am excited to get to use the secret knowledge of of @fyrstikken to TEASE these incubators with visions of trillion dollar ideas.

This place can be a GREAT gateway through Us, for steemit, where you give us your ideas and we present them (giving you full credit) to this Incubator to apply for the $500,000 Investment Funds... Maybe we can get them to start paying them in SBD/Steem.... I see Steem as a VERY impressive project to approach these business people with! @tj4real @mcsamm @richforever @kwakumax @samset Iover in Steemit Team Africa Team Ghana and Nigeria should have a great opportunity to

I see big things happening for us with these people! They won't be able to resist a well crafted Steem SMT presentation

Anyway I must show you this HILARIOUS Gif from the front pageof to celebrate Bitcoin being every so close to $9000 of @vegeta from Srgaon Ball Z warming up (Because when Bitcoin hits $9000 they will have the "It's over $9000" meme

hahah Bitcoin is GOING to $9000 hahaha omg this is too perfect! Get ready for the "It's over 9000" Meme's from Dragon Ball Z!

And here are a list of all the links that were clogging up my browser that I wanted to talk about but to save time I have to just list them here!

OH and here are LIVE streams of Steemfest Day 2 from Lisbon Portugal!
Conference room 1

Conference room 2

Wow @decent seems like a cool new File Sharing Graphene based DPOS service and @eosio @dan were talking about a new EOS file hosting system that will blow Storj Siacoin all of them out of the water and solve the IPFS problem for @dtube

Foo Foo

If you have questions about bitcoin steemit crypto or making money mining or marketing, feel free to email me [email protected] or text 619 500 3748 and....

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Can't wait for the over 9.000 moment :D


That's why I am here.

@ackza I am so glad I know how to contact you now and I made a NEW Friend yesterday on STEEMIT. In the not to distant future I need to go out to San Diego and meet Zachary and talk with him about all the Fantastic Ideas that will make everyone involved with STEEMIT fairly wealthy. It's out there for anyone who just shows UP consistently.

@ackza this is a great action you made. and smart initiative of making people in need of work to know about steemit. keep it like this! upvoted. @gold84

@tipu I like what you do when you tip! people. I bet you make a lot of Friends........

Yes i have to pay it forward and I have to prove to extreme people that are like against random acts of charity that it can be worth the effort nd all humans are worth investing in even a dead human body can be made into an ad or PSA to bring value to someone andhelp osmething ro osmeone avodi something bad... thats a grimm example but an extreme one... its always good to invest in Human Capuital when we are in this world when COmpanies want to fucking build robot slaves so they dont ahve to PAY them instead of just SHARING the Wealth with OTHER Minds and keeping an idea to yourself as if its so godo you cant tell anyone....

Its an amazing thing the human brain and our bodies we should use them more and we could geta lot done, with decentralzied blockchain WORK itself will be organzied and made ultra efficient which will SVE money and we will make it so the wohole worldis as Rich as the Developed world... That is coming to Africa Latin America and Asia and India and central asia nd middle east (although middle east was doing pretty good before israel got the US to come invade qnd bomb and destroy Iraq Libya and thrugh proxies Syria and also arab spring Egypt and justall of Israelks tradition enemies except for Iran, all gone... fucking insane right?

We have to teach Israel to stop! Allow Arabs to come in, open the borders and have a ONE state solution where ISraelis and arabs MUST be in teh SAME Military protecting teh SAME peple FULL RACIAL INTEGRATION I know its HARD for raciust WHITE supremacists in ISrael who run the actual Only WHITE SUPREMACIST white nationalist STATE by tehw ay, theyre all Eastern European people in israel, and its hilarious that we have them pretending to be semetic peoples living the Ghetto of the World just because they have this narcisistic obsession with their own selves and obsessing over old bones they find and fake genetic evidence for to "prove" some Bone was related to some guy from new york who moved there a few years ago,... its crazy man... and THATS why we destroyed the Middkle East?!?! THATS why America is in DEBT tRILLIONS and is still suffering no teh whel WORLD is still suffering from that fucking decision fo America to Bomba nd Desroy multiple LARGE arab nations so refugees could be creatded to then Overrun Europe while Corrupt Nato Officaisl leav ethe borders WIDE OPEn on PURPOSE for EUrope... Because here is HOW u know that WAS Nato and Military and Border police LETTING people in and being ORDERED to stand down...while Migrants poured in... But guess what? If ACTUAL EUROPEAN CHRISTIAN Ukrainains wantd to escape THEIR fucking Nato Created Warzone in Donbase Ukraine.... well you know what would haopen if ACTUAL War refugees tried to Escape Ukraine into Poland? Ahhh DOghs teargas and Rubber Bullets would be rained down upon the Ukrainian peopel if THEY tried to come marching through the Polish border or other western ukrainain borders.... It was ALLOWED to happen by TRAITORS in our fucking governments peopel like Angela Merkle people like Obama and people at the TOP of the Pentagon and Nato... its disgusting and i feel liek we are at least moving aay from THAT wholesale debauchery now... everyone can feel the change.....

But yeah if we didnt have that Iraq war and raab spring caused by facebook and twotter we oculdnt have had the european Rapefugee crisis .....Its crazy whats going on in tehw orld that peopel forgot about like no one cares about FUkushima nuclear reactor injapan pouring raduoactuve shit uinto the ocean ninstop no ne cares o fix that we SHOULD go to marsbecause u know Chernobyl will ahve to avea sarcopohgus the size of RODE ISLAND later on thin THIS century?!?!? It jjust keps GROWINga nd GROWING liek a TUMOR same with fukushhima! they have to build a fucking sarcophogus! i HATE the nucelar energy companies who refuse to admit they LOSE we CANNOT RISK MROE NUCELAR DISAATERS WE CNNOT CLEAN IT UP HOW FUCKING RESSPONSIBLE CNA YOU BE

HUMANS AR ENOT READY FOR NUCLEAR POWER WE NEVER WERE AND WE ARENT NOW WE CANTHANDLE IT WE ARE TO INCOMPETANT maybe in the 50s or 60s when people were more responsible as a hwole oevr all.... but dude the asshoels who go aorudn aying we NEED MORE nuclear reactors after we have had TWO HUGE metdowns thats ARE TERRIBLE disasters thata er IRREVERASABLE AND DESTROY TEH FUCKING BIOLOGY dude it almost makes me weep because it is such a serious deadly UNSTOPPABLE danger theer IS NO TECNOLOGY to fix radioactiviity its just something we ewere MNOT suposed to be Playing with and the GREED of a FEW peopel has led to the POISONING OF THE ENTIE PKANET

WHAT TEH FUCK BRO OW ALL of US and our KDIS and iour GRAND KIDS have to ALL fucking BREATH THAT SHIT IN OUR LUNGS and EATTHAT CESEUM AND RADIOACTIV PARTICLE SIN THE FISH AND THE WATER ITS SOOO MUCH TOO its DIGUSTING they just RAIS EThe safe levels of radiuoativty can u belie ve that? The cancer rates ave already SKYROCKETD and people dont wanna really act like its happening because Se no evil har no evil but you WILL FEEL this fuking evil radiactive decay takes a LIONG FUCKING TIME and yes CHERNOBYL will need a NEW contaienr by the time we nfinish the CUrrent NEW one so thats already MASSIVE and tena NEW one is being made.....will eventualy ned to become a sbig as rohdeisland! and bigger an dbigger and it will engulf Ukraine and all of eastern europe??? we cannot just have citis near nuclear reactors that ahve meltd down... peopel who walk around inside tht fucking thing are so dumb... pu cant just ,.. man ts crazy...

it make sme mad all thsoe people who amde all that money on nuclearenegry should have to give it ALL back as SOOn as the fukushima disaster happened its total bullshit and make sme so mad

we have a situation where peopel were PAID to POISON the planet with radiactive particles in teh air and seawater and they were storing Weapons grade depleted uranium In the reactors to Cut CORNERS to avoid paying to properly dispose of it, so that thing EXPLODED with fuel rods FLYING across the sky first fo all so that shit flew into teh coean for sure... and second of all it had depleted uranium in it too and plutonium ad its ... id unno it pisse sme off peope are so ignorant to science that they wanna ignroe radioactivity fro fukushima that NO ONE EVER talks aboutteh news NEEVR discusses it they never talk about fukushima its too important i dunno... we do we allow peopelto make money off such a dangerous product as nuclear energy when wedont even NEED it??? Let the MILITARY use itfor submarines and aircraft carreirs but fucking ciciliant reactros when 2 have already exploded with maybe 3 miel island and a few otehr incidents beiung SERIOU? well WHY RISK IT!??! such GRED man SO much greed peopel willing to risk the entire planets eco system just to make a quick cheap electricityto buy some fucking eral estate and fancy cars ... i hope that MONEY they made was WORTH KILLING THE PLANET tyhese fucking people man.... radiactiviity cant just go away... we all ave to be taking crazu suppliments just to gta CHANCE to fight th cancer even THEN its ike u are SO much moe suspetiule to cancer now with fukushima....

An useful information @ackza. To know information more, may I join in your steemit chat?

Really nice & smart post....!!...I like it.👌

Nice man 👌

I'm impressed about the good work you do here on steemit, always giving guidance, which I have read some and it has been helpful to me. Thanks for supporting #teamghana and hey that's another good work u did... kudos @ackza

Great post. I'm impressed with your goodness to help homeless people who are most frightened and avoided. I believe that if they become part of the Steemit can improve their lives.

wow @ackza u looks too good.

Thank you @ackza

I love how much you care about others and just share the love with others.
It's the people that have the least are the ones that are interested the most.


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