Its time to clean up the Steemit subreddit!

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Hey everyone!

First of all I have to admit I've been terribly busy with some sideprojects and wish I had had more time to fix the subreddit. Recently I was made moderator from the admins with full permissions over the subreddit, which means I can now add more moderators and sticky posts on the subreddit which made it really hard without that to get the subreddit going properly.

There are a lot of users on the subreddit who don't like the way it is used, which is primarily as a way to promote your posts. That is something I want to change and I want to ask my followers here and anyone else who happens to read as to how they would want the subreddit to look. How should it be used and for what.

A few ideas I have now that we have sticky posts and can invite more moderators to become active and help with self-promotion spam, is to create daily sticky threads where people can use to promote their posts instead and have curators look into them as an incentive for more people to use them instead of posting all over the subreddit.

The point would be to use the rest of the subreddit for other things, such as news, announcements and other things that are happening around the platform, not just about Steemit the front-end but about the Steem economy in general.

Ideas for daily sticky posts so far:

  • Daily post-promotion thread
  • Daily discussion thread, about price, crypto in general etc
  • Daily introduction posts for newcomers primarily that have stumbled on Steemit through Reddit.
  • A post for Redditors to be able to get an account created without having to wait for account approval which could take too long. This one would have some rules to go with it though as it is not free and me or others would have to create the account either through or busy which would cost 0.1 Steem and 14-15 SP delegation for at least a month. For this we would have some restrictions on Reddit account age and karma.

I understand that the subreddit has been sort of a wasteland so far since no one wants to go there to look at postpromotions but I want this to change and make it a good gateway for Redditors and other users to learn more about Steem and Steemit and be able to ask anything.

There is one great addition that is going to be used that the users on Reddit will have a lot of use of in the near future for activity and being able to draw more activity towards the subreddit. I can not yet disclose what it is as it is in production but trust me it will be awesome! Even more amazing would it be to start building up the subreddit and clean it up until that is ready to be used.

Idea to incentive people to be active on the subreddit and help moderate it:
Create daily or weekly posts about the subreddit like traffic stats and new subscribers and users invited through it to Steem and share the liquid rewards among the moderation team + be able to pay for more account creations!

As you may have heard the news about Steemit links being sort of shadowbanned on subreddits unless they are manually approved. This will be another project I want to get started by incentivizing users to share their Steemit/Busy/etc posts on different subreddits and curate them accordingly. More about that soon!

Are interested in helping out with the subreddit?

Then leave a comment here with your Reddit username or throw me a DM on Discord under Acidyo #8038 if you don't want to make public your Reddit handle.

Let me know what timezones you can be active and can browse through the subreddits for some time per day so we can get a team that can cover it every 24 hours!

Let's make the subreddit great again! 7108 subscribers now and counting, let's double that before the end of the year!

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Feel free to add more ideas of what we can do with the subreddit such as giveaways, competitions, tournaments and small things like that!


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In this way it may be more helpful

This is great news, @acidyo! I've been thinking about this in the past, and feel that the current state of the subreddit might have scared away a lot of potentially good users. Back when I registered 18 months ago, the subreddit almost scared me away! I'm glad I decided to check out Steemit despite the rather sketchy subreddit though.

I'd be happy to help out with moderating the subreddit if you need it. I would primarily be checking it in the morning and evening CEST (I think it's only 1 hour different than your time zone?). I have already tried to curate the subreddit by upvoting good stuff and downvoting bad stuff, but that was an uphill battle that I decided was just wasting my time.

Username on Reddit is /u/valth_steem/ by the way. It's a pretty new account, but I've been using Reddit for years and years now under different handles.

This is quite a positive development. I have only a few thoughts.

All regular self-promotional steemit links should automatically go in the recycle bin. Only allow steemit links if they involve reddit-facing activities and are clearly in everyone's best interests.

You'd get a lot of users, but not many more investors, if steemit was made known to users of /r/beermoney.

There needs to be a much more comprehensive and informative FAQ, new user guide, and wiki which all would have to be custom-made and filled out than the stuff already on the sidebar.

Curation groups, apps, and discords for communities should be rolled into one sidebar entry.

Be wary of having too many different types of daily threads, it could potentially make some of them seem like ghost towns if daily activity for certain things aren't as high as others, might be better to consolidate so they seem a bit more active.

Also, I noticed that you have a dolphin flair, such things might be attractive to future potential investors in steemit, sure, but right now class issues are kind of a hot-button topic on reddit and within the youth population the world over so it might be better to just have humorous/clowny tags instead.

One thing I just remembered, there was a lot of controversy over some subs getting shut down over the new website legislation in the US as well as some bartering/trading/advertising activity getting banned as well on reddit, I don't know why I'm mentioning this because steemit is run by a US company so they probably would want to avoid the same stuff.


Personally I vote we attempt to go the route that /r/wallstreetbets went, just go full-retard and we have a better chance of ranking on the frontpage. Steemit needs more vibrant energy and less stogy old people smell.


lol that would be funny to see but that would give even bad rep about steem then it is now. :(


Nah, imo our main problem atm is that everyone is way too fucking serious rofl. No one under 40 wants to use this shit when you can just go to reddit/twitter/ig/whatever for lulz. Social media should be a relief from work not a replication of it, at least for the average user.


Well if you get flagged and excused of reward rape of doing a "shit post" aka a post you would do on reddit/facebook well you won't use steemit at all. Steemit won't be for the average user but SMT might fix that by creating social networks like facebook where you can semi-shit post without getting flagged


Yeah, if I made a community it would definitely be shitpost friendly. Takes a shitter to know a shitter.


I'm glad you want to clean this up @acidyo; I did look at the subreddit a while back and felt some combination of intimidated and put off by what felt a little like a giant spam repository. But then that's not so different from what happens to people who try to set up Steemit groups on Facebook.

I'm not a big Reddit fan to begin with, but I know a lot of people are avid users, and it could be a really nice "front window" for Steemit, if cleaned up to where it seems more "informational" and would encourage people to actually visit us here and potentially become members. And maybe that's the key, there... the subreddit could be an important part of how we WANT to represent ourselves to the world.

Don't have any specific good ideas in this moment, but glad you're taking this on!


You know me @acidyo I'm always around to help! Pretty much on all day so if you need any you can find me on reddit username: steemitqa Thanks!

I think Steemit really needs a information source...a how-to section.

Maybe sticky a 6-8 posts that talk about some of the basics of using Steemit and some of the different features.

This site can be overwhelming and it is easy for people to get lost. The information is tough to find.


There's been some of that on the sidebar! But yeah, some real basics in a sticky for those stumbling upon the subreddit at first would be nice to have!

Just took a quick look there, indeed a mess. Good idea, Acid! Maybe also add the Q&A thread for user feedback, questions and such things.

That is an awesome idea! For me personally, when researching anything I first look on Reddit. When I saw the Steemit subreddit I was 'disappointed' to say the least. If we want to become as big as reddit we also have to be represented there and maybe put ads on big subreddits like cryptocurrency etc. But I definitely agree with you on the fact that r/Steemit needs some cleaning up.


Yeah the ads is a great idea as well and we should look into pricing, etc and maybe the posts discussed in this post can work as a way to fund it!


I sure would like to help! The biggest thing is that if Reddit had more knowledge about Steemit lot's of the reddit folk would come over here. Currently Reddit still provides the most information on a vast amount of subjects, basically anything you can think of. In my opinion Steemit has the same potential tbh.

Great! Last time you made a post about this I said i was willing to help out and i'm still willing to help out! Having a Steem front on Reddit would be pretty cool for exposure! I think the daily sticky for post promotion would be pretty cool and we could also drop the Steemitblog updates and any dev updates and contest running in the platform, i bet a lot of people would be attracted to create an account if we create a weekly sticky compiling all the contest running on the platform! I run on gmt-4 and my discord tag is lunaticpandora#7751

Reddit username is the same as on here with an underscore between the words. I'd be down to help with the sub if you need it. Can be active anytime from, like, 4pm-2am EST.







Steemit has a subreddit ?

I must have been living under a rock

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Not to be negative, but I think it's worth asking the question of whether Reddit is a good place to recruit new users from at this time, before spending too much effort on making things better there.

My own answer is that I'm really skeptical. I like some subs, but even in them Reddit is largely full of people who really love to hate on the topic they're dedicated to. And of course there are several more-well-known subs that we really don't want flooding us.

Of course you can recruit whoever you want, but I hope you have a plan for how they're going to add value here somehow. How that works with the generic Reddit user is not obvious to me.


Reddit slants neo-lib to socialist and is very pro science, so most of them are automatically put off by the political slant of some of the larger authors on steemit/minds, they'd basically need to be purged for there even to be a chance of them wanting to touch the platform. Some of the most popular authors on steemit are definitely supported by the facebook and youtube-dwelling old people conspiracy types who are the bane of redditors.

And even past that the voting mechanisms on steemit are problematic to anyone who wants equal voting power to say the least.

But it's still a good endeavor because it's one less way in which we look retarded by default to those who don't use steemit but want to see what it's about.


There are giant subreddits for anything you can imagine full of people with completely different points of view. If you look closely you can find almost any audience you want besides teen girls. I noticed a few boards devoted to female interests, but the only one I saw that gets much play is "ladyboners" ( and maybe "feminism" but I stopped going there years ago)


I'm very familiar with reddit. 2xchromosomes and mua are some female-focused subs.


Well for one random example, I lurked on Reddit and actually the subreddit for steemit definitely put me off. And I can tell from the comments here that I am not alone here. I think at the very least it is useful to clean it up. If you ask me, it is absolutely worth it, and I don't think the cost is that high especially since I suspect a lot of Steemians are redditors too (well, enough to pop in there once in a while anyway)

I am hearing about this for the first time. Might have to browse the internet to get full detail about it. But what does it take to be a moderator on subreddit?

The ideas you raised are quite essential but i figure you feel they arent enough and so you need a pool of idead to choose from. Wish i could help with this if i had prior knowledge of the platform.

A discussion of steem problems? I find one of the things that people hate about r/bitcoin r/btc and r/other stuff is that they hardly every talk about what bad about it...
Someone in the steem subreddit can something they thing is wrong and someone responds.
r/monero does this thing weekly and this has given them many cool ideas on what to improve in the coin

Good ideas. Maybe people will actually use that sub if it is not just all about promotion.

The subreddit is plainly a reflection of Steemit itself. I post here and do my part, but the site is a mess. I still go to Reddit as my main source of internet culture and information and Steemit as a place to post stuff and filter through endless seas of garbage to find some occasional cool artists. That really has to change.

But yeah the Steemit subreddit ought to be for discussion around Steemit itself, not yet another outlet for people's terrible spam posts.

@acidyo Well I have been using Reddit from past one year and if you have to ask me then i would like to add that you should have one Discussion thread or you can say a Feedback thread which is must to get good & positive engagement from the Redditians. Anyways i am here to help you, i will give you good suggestion soon after i get discussed from few Reddit experts in my contact. Thanks again for a good article Mate. keep rocking.

the steemit subreddit seems to be lost to spam. I think it might be best if we make a few stickies at the top and have them link to r/steem and we use that instead..

Good to see!

I'll spend some time over there, same username as here.

We can probably put together a better New User guide than Steemit has. Either way, we need to keep fresh links so people have the latest information about how Steem works.

I'd also recommend a link to the SteemProjects website for devs, and maybe SteemPress too.

I am interested in being a moderator, my reddit username is the same rye05. I am willing to learn and help :-) I am available anytime between 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM EST

It never even occured to me that there could be a steemit reddit. I wonder why, there is a reddit for everything, my train of thought doesn't make sense.

I don't use reddit, so I'm out, but if you want more people to engage on the reddit, the best way to bait them early on would probably via rewards of some sorts. At least for a while to draw people in until it starts going by itself.

It is good news that now you are admin of that page, I hope you achieve the task of doubling that amount of followers! I will comment to my friends to see if they are interested :)

I am new to the platform and when reading your post I am growing curious to know more about your topic and what I really see as proposals are really cool to use the filters and channels to make more flashy use subreddit as you clean it I hope to get to grow enough to enter for the time I will inquire more about the subject thank you for sharing this information

this is fantastic! glad to hear you're able to find the time to wrk on the subreddit. it's a good marketing avenue for steemit as a whole. I'll join and check out to see if I can add any value to the sub - either way - Cheers!

in the opinion of several people you can find the weaknesses and make improvements .. you can also find more information I think you have excellent ideas and I would like you to make more information contributions for new users in this community. excellent reedit steem

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Nice development

seams like some great project dident now it, greetings

Hey @acidyo great idea from you,and love to participate along with you in cleaning up.

Nice idea you have. I need more knowledge about this. It will help us to grow in that type of platform.

Thanks for the cleanup, following the sub-reddit, would love to contribute for the same if needed.

This is a worthwhile effort , go for it!!

So important post related to steemit. It shows me the real way. Thanks for sharing.

It is excellent that now you are moderator feel free to add whatever you want to subreddit so that the best and everyone is satisfied with it, greetings pending your new projects 🙌

Hey you have new projects, first take as a goal to subreddit, they must improve it very much you have good ideas I think you will leave it perfect now as a moderator greetings friend ..

I would also be willing to help out, as a moderator of some other function. I've recently been moderating the /r/cryptoubi subreddit, which isn't that active, but has given me a little bit of experience.

Just looking to get more people into Steemit and I think Reddit is the perfect way to do so :)

I used to be sorta active on there, I say sorta because when nobody else is on there interacting there's not much to do lol. I'm on Reddit everyday and would be interested in helping out any way I can. My Reddit username is u/rulesforrebels

Congrats, this wonderful post is featured on today's Joy Steemit Daily News, in Chinese :D

Ohhh it's been a while since I was there so I don't even know how messy it is... eheheh but I only can wish You the best luck with it. I bet the info is all over the place now... full of spam ehehehe

Ye it can be possible

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